EFF to Court: Don't Let California Gag IMDb

California is trying to gag websites from sharing true, publicly available information about actors in the name of age discrimination. But one online service, IMDb, is fighting back. EFF and four other public interest organizations have filed in a friend of the court brief in the case, urging the court not to allow celebrities to… Read More »

Censorship: UC-Davis Student Protesters Shut Down Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos, the alt-right-friendly media figure and Breitbart tech editor who is permanently banned from Twitter, was scheduled to speak at the University of California-Davis on Friday, but student-protesters mobbed the scene, forcing event organizers to cancel his appearance. Given the unruly state of the protesters, university officials informed Yiannopoulos’s hosts, the Davis College Republicans,… Read More »

The Entertaining Messiness of <em>The Young Pope</em>: New at Reason

Television’s last excursion into papal politics—Showtime’s The Borgias, in which Renaissance bad boys Alexander VI (better known to history by his birth name, Rodrigo Borgia) and Guiliano della Rovere (the future Julius II, the guy who bullied Michaelangelo over painting the Sistine Chapel) boinked and butchered their way across Europe—was debauched. The newest one, HBO’s… Read More »

Obama’s Last-Minute Cuba Change Scrambles Immigration Politics, Disrupts Lives

It’s not every day that an immigration decision made by President Barack Obama draws praise both from liberalizers such as Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and restrictionists like the Federation for American Immigration Reform, yet that’s precisely what happened after yesterday’s abruptly announced policy change to end the decades-old “Wet Foot/Dry Foot” policy of giving Cubans… Read More »

More Americans Are Stuck In Place: New at <em>Reason</em>

“I believe that each of us who has his place to make should go where men are wanted, and where employment is not bestowed as alms,” advised New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley in a famous 1871 letter. “Of course, I say to all who are in want of work, Go West!” Basically, Greeley was… Read More »

Read How Chicago Police Routinely Violated Civil Rights and Covered It Up

Chicago police engaged in a pattern and practice of violating the civil rights of black and Latino citizens, used unconstitutional force, and failed to properly investigate officer misconduct, according to the results of a long-awaited investigation released Friday by the Justice Department. The wide-ranging 164-page report—the result of an investigation launched by the Justice Department’s… Read More »