Who Defends Your Data? Report Reveals Peruvian ISPs Progress on User Privacy, Still Room for Improvement

Hiperderecho, the leading digital rights organization in Peru, in collaboration with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, today launched its second ¿Quien Defiende Tus Datos? (Who Defends Your Data?), an evaluation of the privacy practices of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that millions of Peruvians use every day.  This year’s results are more encouraging than those in 2015’s report, with Telefonica’s Movistar… Read More »

ANALYSIS: Justice Thomas Charts Path for Consumer Privacy Cases

In his dissenting opinion in Frank v. Gaos, Justice Thomas set out two key guidelines for future consumer privacy litigation. First, Justice Thomas said that consumer privacy cases could go forward when a “private right” is violated, such as when a violation of a federal privacy law is alleged. The Supreme Court adopted a somewhat… Read More »

Trump Isn’t Pulling Back the American Empire: New at Reason

Given how much America’s military footprint has grown under previous presidents, it would certainly be nice if a president tried to pull back. But is President Donald Trump is doing that, as his isolationist cheerleaders claim? Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia does not think so. Trump’s much-hyped pullouts from Afghanistan and Iraq aren’t in… Read More »

Support for Pot Legalization Grows

When a cannabis cooking show graces your Netflix suggestions, it’s a pretty good indicator that national attitudes toward the substance are shifting. For an even bigger indicator, check out a recent poll by the University of Chicago’s General Social Survey (GSS). According to the survey, a record-breaking 61 percent of Americans believe that weed should… Read More »

Innocent Immigrant Harassed by Congressional Democrats? Cindy Yang Says Their Appeal to the FBI Is All About Politics: Reason Roundup

Congressional Democrats ask the FBI to investigate the former owner of a Florida massage parlor. “I’m Chinese. I’m Republican. That’s the reason the Democrats want to check me,” Li “Cindy” Yang tells NBC News. “I love Americans. I love our president. I don’t do anything wrong.” Yang once owned Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where… Read More »

Was Sie über Cbd-Öl wissen müssen und warum

Was Sie über Cbd-Öl wissen müssen und warum Ein Fehler, den die Leute machen, ist, dass sie CBD nur für eine kurze Zeit beschäftigen. Auf der anderen Seite kann dies sehr hilfreich sein, um die Angst der Menschen zu lindern. Die Geburt von Cbd-Öl-Vorteilen Sie sollten einen vertrauenswürdigen und vertrauenswürdigen Verkäufer erhalten, genau wie das… Read More »

Supreme Court Remands Controversial Cy Pres Deal

The Supreme Court today sent Frank v. Gaos back to the lower courts because the Court could not decide if the proposed settlement in a privacy case was “fair, reasonable, and adequate” or if the case was properly before the Court. The case involves Google’s disclosure of search histories to third parties without consent, a… Read More »

EPIC, Coalition Call on Congress to End NSA Surveillance Program

EPIC joined civil liberties organizations this week in a statement to the House Judiciary Committee, calling for a permanent end to the NSA’s phone record collection program. The groups asked that Congress to “hold hearings and make public information critical to permit an informed debate over the reauthorization of Section 215 and other provisions of… Read More »

University of Cambridge Cancels Jordan Peterson’s Visiting Fellowship Because He Is Not ‘Inclusive’

Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto psychologist known for criticizing political correctness, announced Monday that he would be a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge’s divinity school. But on Wednesday, Cambridge’s administration announced that they had rescinded the invitation following a public outcry from students and professors. “[Cambridge] is an inclusive environment and we… Read More »