Cops Shoot Dog in Backyard, Bust Owner's Boyfriend for Objecting

By | May 16, 2014

RockPolice in Redford Township, Michigan, claim they
spotted a suspect through a window in the home of Bianca Alakson
and Ryan Showalter. The suspect was wanted for being in a fight, so
they gave chase, entering the couple’s fenced yard. Which has a
“beware of dog” sign on it.

You know what’s coming.

That’s supposedly when Rock, a 10-month-old Labrador–pit bull
mix, “charged” an officer. The cop , killing him.

Showalter apparently got a little pissed that his beloved dog
had been shot. (That’s Rock pictured at right, with Alakson.) So
they arrested him for “interfering with police.” In his own
backyard. After they shot his dog.

There’s not much more to add—except that the department is
on its Facebook page.

Just remember, the only thing worse than having a dog so
aggressive that it stays in its own yard is objecting when cops
shoot it down.

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3 thoughts on “Cops Shoot Dog in Backyard, Bust Owner's Boyfriend for Objecting

  1. Cynthia Merriam

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  2. Cynthia Merriam


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  3. Cynthia Merriam


    ASPCA: Summer 2013 Position Statement on Law Enforcement Response to Potentially Dangerous Dogs

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    Best Friends Animal Society, July 24, 2013 “Police Shooting of Dogs: A Disturbing Trend” by Francis Battista, Co-founder .”

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    WINTER 2001 PUBLICATION CALLED COURTS COPS AND CANINES (link below) – This publication was found on the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s website, searching on “cop on dog shooting”


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