Donald Trump Responds To Justin Amash: ‘Never a Fan…Total Lightweight…Loser’

Yesterday, the most-libertarian member of Congress, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) said that he believes President Donald Trump had “engaged in impeachable conduct.” A lawyer by training, Amash tweeted that he’d read the Mueller report carefully and conferred with others before concluding that Mueller’s report identifies multiple examples of conduct satisfying all the elements of obstruction of… Read More »

Rep. Justin Amash Says Trump ‘Has Engaged in Impeachable Conduct’

In a series of tweets this afternoon, Justin Amash accused President Donald Trump of having “engaged in impeachable conduct.” The libertarian-leaning Michigan congressman blamed his fellow Republican legislators for choosing to defend the president rather than the Constitution in the wake of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s report. “Mueller’s report reveals that President Trump engaged in… Read More »

The Heartbreaking, Lifesaving Practice of Welcoming ‘Unaccompanied’ Child Migrants

“Tell parents in Central America to stop sending their kids unaccompanied,” Rush Limbaugh thundered on his radio show. Fox News’ Laura Ingraham compared the children to “illegal” “invaders” and declared that “it’s not our responsibility” to “house and feed and clothe and give medical attention” to them. In response to an uptick in Salvadoran, Honduran,… Read More »

Trump: Stop Playing With Fire

President Donald Trump claimed this week that he does not want war with Iran.  If he really believes this, the president ought to look into what his subordinates are doing. Among their bellicose actions are deployment of the ‘Abraham Lincoln CVN-72’ carrier task force to the coast of Iran, massing a strike package of B-52 heavy… Read More »

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall

Shhh… Don’t forward this posting to widows who placed a $100,000 in their savings account over a decade ago and who think they really have $100,000 of purchasing power stashed in their bank account, or we might have a bank run on our hands. Oh, the banks would close and even more severe limits on… Read More »

The Democratic Party

Justin’s note: Elizabeth Warren could cost America trillions of dollars. Warren is, of course, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts. She’s also running for president. And like many fellow Democrats, she’s full of wacky ideas. Most recently, she made waves by saying she wants to forgive more than $1 trillion worth of student loans if she becomes… Read More »