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Nuclear War in South Asia?

While Americans were obsessing over a third-rate actor’s fake claims of a racial assault, old foes India and Pakistan were rattling their nuclear weapons in a very dangerous crisis over Kashmir.  But hardly anyone noticed that nuclear war could break out in South Asia. India and Pakistan, both nuclear-armed, have fought four wars over divided… Read More »

What If They Started a War

The humiliation of United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Warsaw last week was a good thing. The ancient Greeks, exercising their demonstrated ability to synthesize defining characteristics, had a word for it: hubris. Hubris is when one develops an extreme and unreasonable feeling of confidence in a certain course of action that inevitably… Read More »

On to Caracas and Tehran!

Shop all books by Pat Buchanan In the Venezuelan crisis, said President Donald Trump in Florida, “All options are on the table.” And if Venezuela’s generals persist in their refusal to break with Nicolas Maduro, they could “lose everything.” Another example of Yankee bluster and bluff? Or is Trump prepared to use military force to… Read More »

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s Arrest Is Being Billed as a Human Trafficking Bust, but it Looks More Like Ordinary Prostitution

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, was charged today in Florida as part of a massage-parlor prostitution enforcement effort there. The 77-year-old NFL team owner is one of more than 150 men accused of soliciting prostitution. Police say they’ve been investigating the spa he visited, Orchids of Asia Day Spa, since October… Read More »

Kurt Loder Wants Lady Gaga to Win an Oscar: Podcast

The Academy Awards take place on Sunday, so for today’s Reason Podcast I was excited to talk with Reason‘s movie reviewer, Kurt Loder, about this year’s nominees. (Read his Reason archive here.) Loder is a cultural omnivore who started out writing for rock magazines in the 1970s, ending up at Rolling Stone. He co-authored Tina… Read More »