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Institute for Justice Looking for Lawyers

The Institute for Justice, one of the public interest law firms that I most respect (it often wins cases that no-one expects it to win), is hiring lawyers with 2 to 6 years of experience; you can learn more about the two open positions here. A golden opportunity for young lawyers who love liberty.

Check Out This New Database of Corrupt Cops

USA Today has partnered with its affiliate newsrooms and a nonprofit group in Chicago to launch an important new database that documents law enforcement officers with records of misconduct. Part of that database is now available for public searches. USA Today has documented at least 85,000 cops who have been investigated or disciplined for misconduct… Read More »

Wave of Red Ink Set to Strike Social Security

Beginning next year, a wave of red ink is set to strike Social Security as the total amount of benefits paid out to the program’s beneficiaries will begin to regularly exceed the amount of money that working Americans pay into it. The Wall Street Journal reports on Social Security’s deteriorating fiscal situation: The Social Security… Read More »

Evaluate War’s True Costs, Including Massive Debt

Have we become a welfare state for the military-industrial complex? In August, 2018, Congress passed the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with overwhelming bi-partisan support. It authorized a whopping $717 BILLION in military expenditures, a $98 Billion increase over the 2017 NDAA. Only ten senators voted against this bill, and neither of… Read More »

Trump Takes On Hillary’s War… Battle for Libyan Oil!

A shock call from President Trump to head of the “Libyan National Army,” Khalifa Hafter, praising him for keeping the oil safe in eastern Libya, has upended US policy. Now the US supports both the UN-appointed government in Tripoli and Hafter’s forces fighting against it. What’s it all about? Iran, sanctions, Saudi Arabia, oil, and… Read More »

The Embers of History

Last week’s fire in the world’s most famous Gothic cathedral, Notre-Dame de Paris, reminds us of the increasingly awkward political issue posed by the immense achievements of the European past. In the current year, liberal individualism is falling out of fashion. As our culture becomes more demographically diverse, our assumptions revert back to more atavistic… Read More »