The Michigan Standard was created in response to a lack of real news and analysis for Southeastern Michigan. Our goal is to deliver local news that is relevant to Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities in regards, and more importantly to provide analysis of that news in regards to four key areas:


  • Business
  • Community
  • Politics
  • Technology



We also believe that the focus needs to be on the news, not on the advertising so we strive to present a clutter free alternative to local news for the Southeastern Michigan. Our design is sleek and simple and one that is just as accessible on your smartphone or tablet as it is on your desktop computer screen.

Finally, we seek to present the local news in a distilled format, without all of the fluff that seems to have become so prevalent lately. No sports and entertainment will be covered by The Michigan Standard. There are plenty of sources online for entertainment, this will not be one of them. Our goal is to inform the citizens of Southeastern Michigan as to the things that will impact this area as we rebuild for the future.

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