Conservative Activists Face SWAT Raids in Wisconsin, More to the Britt McHenry Story, Rare Beanie Babies Alert: P.M. Links

By | April 21, 2015
  • Beanie babiesThe latest issue of exposes a series of terrifying, politically-motivated police raids against conservatives connected to Gov. Scott Walker.
  • Two shootings at .
  • Britt McHenry, the ESPN reporter caught on camera berating a towing company employee, was treated unfairly by the internet lynch mob, .
  • Well, what do you know: a higher minimum wage could threaten , some actors fear.
  • The American Enterprise Institute’s Christina Hoff Sommers, an individualist feminist, is giving a talk at Oberlin College tonight. Some students have accused her of being a rape denier and expressed fears that her mere presence makes the campus .
  • Gov. Chris Christie’s opposition to marijuana federalism isn’t the political winner he thinks it is, writes .
  • One of those supposedly rare beanie babies , and a British couple stands to rake in thousands of dollars.
  • A Minnesota bar got in trouble for . You can only sell that in the great state of Wisconsin, folks.

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One thought on “Conservative Activists Face SWAT Raids in Wisconsin, More to the Britt McHenry Story, Rare Beanie Babies Alert: P.M. Links

  1. Offgrid Sid

    When this happens to you … and you are an honest citizen, REMEMBER Glenn Beck says you have the RIGHT to OPEN FIRE on ANYONE breaking into your home … Including (perhaps especially) rogue police officers.

    If taken by surprise, kidnapped, pillaged and raped … they’ll tell you to keep your mouth shut … OR ELSE they’ll do something REALLY Terrible to you.


    First … Call Fox News … Then Call A Lawyer … Then Call The Oath Keepers … Don’t bother calling the ACLU, they only help National Democratic Socialists … Progressives by any other name.

    The effect of this type of NAZI raid is essentially kidnapping, psychological rape and extortion … much worse than mere physical violence.

    It might be argued that the prosecutor and the police officers involved in each of these incidents should be subjected to the sametreatment … Their homes raided by Oath Keepers, their wives molested, their children tortured and their dogs shot in their living rooms.

    Perhaps they should be be beaten senseless, stripped naked and thrown into the street for all to see, their neighbors encouraged to raid their now empty homes and abscond with their most personal possessions. Perhaps, as THEY push the edge of the envelope ever farther, it will come to that … It always does.

    For the moment however, it will be sufficient retribution ( at least for the public ) that the corrupt Judges who have authorized these raids, the Prosecutors who gave the orders and the Police Officers who carried out this unconstitutional travesty, be summarily dismissed, arrested by REAL cops, prosecuted for kidnapping and assault with intent to kill and then imprisoned, each and every one, for a period of not less than 10 years.

    They will of course need to be detained indefinitely and without bail, (since we know we can MAKE them confess ) pending the outcome of their “fair trials” … after which, we will decide which to imprison and which to summarily execute.

    Unfortunately we really need to try and execute some of them … if only as an example to let the other little NAZI’s know what they can and cannot get away with.

    The NDAA and the Patriot Act (under which authority these crimes are carried out) must be vilified, repealed, annulled, set aside … and rendered impotent by each and every State Government, in the same way that the State of Arizona has made it a Felony for any state or local government or law enforcement employee to assist the Federal Imposition or enforcement of unconstitutional laws relating to search, seizure and/or the confiscation of property, and particularly of firearms.


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