Minister Malik Shabazz Says Burn Detroit Down

By | July 28, 2012

Malik Shabazz burn Detroit down“Minister” Malik Shabazz made comments during a Detroit City financial review meeting that can only be characterized as idiotic, racist and downright dangerous. Shabazz was caught on camera saying about Governor Snyder’s attempt to rescue the city of Detroit from it’s own ineptitude “This is white supremacy, and we will fight you. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it down first.”

Threatening to burn down the city of Detroit is beyond reprehensible, and borders on criminal. As if Detroit hasn’t had enough fires. As if Detroit hasn’t suffered enough, now that the State is actually trying to help get the City back on it’s feet we have lunatics like Malik Shabazz inciting criminal activity. Hasn’t Detroit suffered enough from senseless violence – do we really need more?

Mr. Shabazz is not alone in his sentiments unfortunately. Many Detroit residents know the city is falling apart but resent outside help for reasons having to do with race. The racial history of the city is far beyond the scope of this article, but in many people’s mind the words “Detroit” and “Suburbs” or “Lansing” are merely codewords for black or white respectively. This of course isn’t true, but perception is everything.

These codewords are the reason it’s so difficult to have a serious discussion about how to fix Detroit. Many black residents take it personal, as if any efforts of outside help somehow reflects poorly on their ability to manage their own affairs. Meanwhile, many whites on the outside are trying to approach the problem logically, without fully understanding the emotional buttons they’re pushing when they point out all of Detroit’s problems.

However, people like Minister Malik Shabazz are the very cancer that has been eating this city. When somebody seriously suggests burning the city down rather than fixing it, you understand why the city has gotten as bad as it has. The people with enough sense and enough money have gotten out long ago and the only people left are the completely irresponsible crazies like Malik Shabazz and the poor people that have no other choice.

The problem is simple – Detroit is broken. Blacks can blame it on whites, whites can blame it on blacks, but none of that fixes Detroit. Detroit is broken and it must be fixed. The people of Detroit need to understand that the State of Michigan and Governor Snyder can not allow Detroit to continue sinking because it’s bringing down everyone else. Detroit is everybody’s problem, not just the residents of Detroit. Outsiders are not “meddling” with the affairs of Detroit, they are trying to save us all.

The most frustrating part is watching a city that appears to be on the rebound being held down with the anchor of ignorance. A city council that is more interested in retaining power than fixing the city. A school district that graduates less than 1 out of 4 students. A crime rate than call always be counted on to be in the top 5 in just about every statistical category, year in and year out. It makes you wonder what exactly people like Mr. Shabazz would like people to do. How can a so-called community leader expect resident to continue living like this? How can we ask the children of Detroit to continue being poorly educated and growing up in crime infested neighborhoods?

Mr. Shabazz wants to burn down the City of Detroit, while others want to fix it. Who is the real enemy?

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  1. editor

    For the record, Charlie LeDuff interviewed Malik Shabazz later and was asked if he would like to apologize for his comments. His reply was “No”. You can see a video of that interview here:

  2. Rory Goudeau

    Seems like just another power grab to me.

  3. Detroit Senior Living will be demostrating a peaceful protest at the local court buildings. To stop the violence against our elderly community for more information please contact Chasity 313-784-3586

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