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The EFF Gift Guide: What’s Creeping Us Out

EFF doesn’t endorse products. But as Internet-connected products proliferate, ads for them bombard holiday shoppers with promises of a more streamlined life. And they do so without always divulging that they’re tracking you more than a jolly fat man who sees when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake. So, we are taking a different… Read More »

National Archives Moves Forward EPIC’s Request for Kavanaugh White House Records

The National Archives has announced its intent to release dozens of undisclosed emails concerning Justice Kavanaugh’s role in controversial White House surveillance programs. The announcement comes in response to EPIC’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, which previously led the agency to discover hundreds of Kavanaugh email exchanges about warrantless wiretapping and passenger profiling. Prior to… Read More »

EFF To U.S. Supreme Court: Rule Carefully In Free Speech Case About Private Operators, State Actors, and the First Amendment

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide an opportunity for everyone to have a voice on the Internet, to communicate with friends, post their views, and comment on movies or the president. However, the fact that they provide a broad, open platform for speech doesn’t automatically mean they are “public forums” in the… Read More »

EPIC Investigates Airport Facial Recognition Opt-Out Procedures

In an urgent FOIA request, EPICis seeking documents from CBP about the procedures for travelers to opt-out of biometric entry/exit program. EPIC found that CBP frequently changes the program without any formal procedures. One consequence is that it is now more difficult for travelers to opt-out of the screening procedure EPIC wrote that “CBP is… Read More »