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EPIC to FTC: Google’s Location Tracking Violates Consent Order

Following a report that Google tracks user location even when users opt-out, EPIC wrote to the FTC that Google violated the 2011 consent order. EPIC said “Google’s subsequent changes to its policy, after it has already obtained location data on Internet users, fails to comply with the 2011 order.” EPIC also told the FTC that… Read More »

Court Blocks EPIC’s Efforts to Obtain “Predictive Analytics Report”

A federal court in the District of Columbia has blocked EPIC’s efforts to obtain a secret “Predictive Analytics Report” in a FOIA case against the Department of Justice. The court sided with the agency which had withheld the report and claimed the “Presidential communications privilege.” Neither the Supreme Court nor the D.C. Circuit has never… Read More »

Google Needs To Come Clean About Its Chinese Plans

Eight years after Google initially took a stand against Internet censorship by exiting the Chinese search market, we are disappointed to learn the company has been secretly re-considering an extended collaboration with the massive censorship and surveillance-wielding state. According to an Intercept report released at the beginning of the month, Google is working on a censored version of its search service for release… Read More »

EPIC, Consumer Groups Urge FTC to conclude Facebook Investigation

EPIC and a coalition of consumer groups have asked the FTC to conclude the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica investigation by September 1, 2018. The groups said, “It is critical that the FTC conclude the Facebook matter, issue a significant fine, and ensure that the company upholds its privacy commitments to users.” Congress and the European Parliament have… Read More »

EPIC FOIA: EPIC Obtains DOD Inspector General Audits of Hotline Allegations

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, EPIC has obtained the Department of Defense’s Inspector General report on audit of hotline allegations involving improper use of agency funds for foreign counterintelligence billets. The report found that the Defense Intelligence Agency followed proper appropriation authorities but did not ensure proper function and management for the program.… Read More »

EPIC Urges Senate Committee to Press FCC on Privacy

EPIC has sent a statement to the Senate Commerce Committee for a hearing on the Federal Communications Commission. EPIC urged the Committee to push the FCC to protect online privacy. EPIC also asked the Committee to press the FCC to repeal a regulation that requires the retention of telephone customer records for 18 months. EPIC… Read More »

How Militaries Should Plan for AI

Today we are publishing a new EFF white paper, The Cautious Path to Strategic Advantage: How Militaries Should Plan for AI. This paper analyzes the risks and implications of military AI projects in the wake of Google’s decision to discontinue AI assistance to the US military’s drone program and adopt AI ethics principles that preclude… Read More »

Help Send EFF to SXSW 2019

Want to see the Electronic Frontier Foundation at the annual SXSW conference and festival in 2019? Help us get there by voting for our panels in the SXSW Panel Picker! Every year, the Internet has a chance to choose what panels will be featured at the event. We’re asking friends and fans to take a… Read More »