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Mayor Bing Wants State Money But No State Input On Belle Isle

(Detroit) – Mayor Dave Bing’s comments managed to encapsulate everything that is wrong with Detroit leadership today while speaking about state intervention. Happy to take money from the state – even demanding it, but disgusted at the thought of the state having any input in how that money is spent. The problem with that line… Read More »

Wayne County is Broke Thanks to Robert Ficano

(Detroit) – Wayne County taxpayers are on the hook for $600 million in unfunded pension obligations – a pension fund which was fully funded when Ficano took office in 2003. Ficano blames a weak stock market, but other counties dealt with the same stock market and are in much better shape. According to recent projections,… Read More »

Deal Finalized For Second Bridge To Canada

(Detroit) – After getting shot down last November by Michigan legislators, Governor Snyder ended up getting the bridge deal done anyway. Not only is the bridge going to be built, but Snyder was able to get it paid for completely by Canada, and was even able to get $2 billion in federal funds to be… Read More »

Judge William Collette Puts Quick End To Consent Agreement Lawsuit

(Lansing) – After lead city attorney Krystal Crittendon brought the city of Detroit to the edge of bankruptcy with her reckless lawsuit, Ingham County Judge William Collette just as quickly put an end to it. At a hearing in which Krystal Crittendon didn’t even have the decency to show up for, Judge Collette ruled quickly saying… Read More »

Fitch Downgrades Detroit Bond Rating to Junk Status

(Detroit) – Thanks to the continued financial ignorance and ineptitude of Detroit City Council members, and the obtuse behavior of lead city attorney Krystal Crittendon – ratings agency Fitch has downgraded the bond rating for the City of Detroit to junk status. That means the city will have to pay much higher rates on the… Read More »

New International Trade Crossing – Bridge Deal Coming

(Mackinac) – Governor Rick Snyder surprised many when he let it be known that a bridge deal is almost done. With Matty Maroun lobbying legislators, it seemed like nothing was going to happen any time soon, but it appears Governor Snyder is taking a different approach – one that doesn’t require legislative approval. The only… Read More »

Obama’s Treasury Admits to Secret Arrangement With China

(Reuters) – According to documents recently viewed by Reuters, starting in June of 2011, the Obama Administration began allowing the People’s Bank of China special access to buy U.S. Debt directly from the Treasury Department, bypassing the open market – something that our own Federal Reserve isn’t even allowed to do. Treasury Bills are issued… Read More »

Saul Anuzis is Out – Ron Paul Picks Up National Delegates

(Detroit) – As covered earlier in an article about Ron Paul’s delegate strategy in Michigan, the only thing that counts towards the Republican nomination is the delegates. Voters that showed up in February to cast their ballots in the Republican primary probably didn’t realize that their votes didn’t actually count for anything.  The real show… Read More »