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Republicans Could Face Political Consequences Over Trump’s Tariffs

Tariffs have economic consequences, both intended and unintended. They also have political consequences, as Republicans will likely learn in the months ahead. At the intersection of the economic and political fallout from a potential trade war with China lies the soybean. America is the world’s top producer of the crop, and China is the world’s… Read More »

This Could Be the First Cannabis-Derived Drug to Win FDA Approval

Epidiolex, a cannabidiol drug used to treat rare, severe forms of epilepsy in children, has moved one step closer to approval by the Food and Drug Administration, which could happen as soon as June. If approved, Epidiolex will be the first cannabis-derived drug recognized as a medicine under federal law. The FDA’s announcement comes days… Read More »

Your Facebook Friends Are Wrong About Guns

It’s another school walkout today, so you know what that means: Facebook is full of rational discussion about guns. All right, probably not. Ever since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018, the debate over gun ownership – social media has been even more toxic than usual. The gun-control side has in… Read More »

Posing As a Metro Rider on Twitter, D.C. Transit Union Attacks Critics As Paid Plants

The union representing workers for Washington, D.C.’s notoriously dangerous and dysfunctional Metro rail system seems to have been running a Twitter account that purported to express the views of an ordinary, Metro-loving rider. For months now, @DCMetroTruth has claimed to be a Washington-area commuter telling just the facts about the Metro’s performance while waging vicious… Read More »

Don’t Overregulate CRISPR Genome Editing

The recently developed genome editing technique CRISPR enables researchers to make very precise modifications in the genes of nearly any organism. Researchers are racing to use the technique to create drought-resistant corn, reduced-gluten wheat, and tastier tomatoes. Research on CRISPR-based treatments for maladies such as cancers, heart disease, and Duchenne muscular dystophy is advancing rapidly.… Read More »

The War on Opioids Probably Helped Kill Prince

Pop legend Prince died of a fentanyl overdose in 2016, probably because he bought what he thought was Vicodin on the black market. Today officials announced they are closing the investigation into Prince’s death and will not be filing any charges because they don’t know where he got the pills and found no evidence that… Read More »

We Suffer Under Dual Tyrannies

The term “tyranny of the majority” was coined by Alexis DeTocqueville.  The concept had previously been explored by John Locke and John Stuart Mill and also greatly influenced the founders of the United States, who preferred a decentralized, federal republican form of government as opposed to a pure democracy.  The concept is simple: without a rule… Read More »

Alternative Media’s Free Speech Rights

The National Press Club hosted a press conference in Washington, D.C. on April 10, 2018 that revealed important news about the strategic attack on free speech and First Amendment rights directed at alternative media. It’s unlikely many are aware of this important information since the corporate media didn’t show up. Infowars founder and broadcaster Alex… Read More »

The Neocons Are Selling Koolaid Again

In 2004 I published an article in the journal, Middle East Policy that was entitled “Drinking the Koolaid.” The article reviewed the process by which the neocon element in the Bush Administration seized control of the process of policy formation and drove the United States in the direction of invasion of Iraq and the destruction of the… Read More »