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EPIC Urges Antitrust Agencies to Raise their Game

In a statement to the House Judiciary committee, EPIC urged lawmakers press the FTC and the Department of Justice at a hearing on “Oversight of the Antitrust Enforcement Agencies.” EPIC emphasized the risks of mergers to American consumers, stating that “companies that protect user privacy are being absorbed by companies that do not protect privacy.”… Read More »

Hardwood Floors, Natural Light and the Right to Choose Your ISP

Your landlord is prohibited from making deals that restrict you to a single video provider, and those prohibitions should apply to your broadband service as well. Yet, across the country, tenants remain locked into a single choice. In January of 2017, San Francisco became the first city to take action toward filling in the loopholes… Read More »

EPIC Urges European Commission to Regulate Connected Toys

In comments to the European Commission, EPIC highlighted the safety and security risks of IoT toys and wrote “There should be ‘smart’ regulations for ‘smart’ toys.” The European Commission sought public comment on the EU Toy Directive, which establishes toy safety guidelines to protect children’s health and safety but ignores connected toys. EPIC has repeatedly… Read More »

EPIC Urges Public Input on AI Policy

In a statement on AI policy to the House Armed Services Committee, EPIC urged the panel to ensure public input on AI policy. The statement from EPIC follows a petition to the White House, backed by EPIC and leading scientific organizations, to solicit public comments on US AI policy. EPIC also proposed the Universal Guidelines… Read More »

Irish Court Finds Data Retention Law Violates Human Rights

The Irish High Court has ruled that Ireland’s retention of telephone data violates European Law and the European Convention on Human Rights. The Communications Act, which requires all service providers to retain data for two years, is “general and indiscriminate.” The Court also found insufficient safeguards for access to data, noting that the law did… Read More »

Social Justice Organizations Challenge Retention of DNA Collected from Hundreds of Thousands of Innocent Californians

California Arrestees’ DNA Profiles Become Part of Federal Database, Accessible to Law Enforcement Across the Country, Even for Those Not Convicted of Any Crime San Francisco – Two social justice organizations—the Center for Genetics and Society and the Equal Justice Society—and an individual plaintiff, Pete Shanks, have filed suit against the state of California for… Read More »

EPIC Urges Department of Transportation to Improve Framework on Connected Car Safety

In detailed comments to the Department of Transportation EPIC urged the agency to establish national privacy and safety standards for connected cars. The agency requested comment on its revised framework that establishes “voluntary guidance” for the development of autonomous vehicles. “A connected car is the ultimate Internet of Things device,” EPIC explained, highlighting the risks… Read More »