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Coding with EFF

We at EFF are always excited to unveil new ways for our technically skilled community to help expand and defend our rights online. And time and again our members demonstrate an unbelievable drive and ability to take action in truly game-changing ways. Look at what happened when we asked coders earlier this year to help […]

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MLDI and EFF Petition the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in the Case of Alaa Abd El Fattah

Alaa Abd El Fattah is currently serving a fifteen-year prison sentence for spurious accusations made in connection with his longstanding and influential activism. The Egyptian blogger and activist, who was sentenced in June, has faced years of harassment and arrests from each successive Egyptian government for his work. EFF has partnered with the Media Legal […]

Department of Transportation Seeks Public Comment on Connected Cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at the Department of Transportation, is soliciting public comments on the privacy and security implications of connected “vehicle-to-vehicle” technology. According to the agency, the technology transmits data between vehicles to “facilitate warnings to drivers concerning impending crashes.” The agency plans to mandate vehicle-to-vehicle technology. NHTSA is also soliciting comments […]

Gavin McInnes Makes a Great Argument Against Censorship

Last week, performance artist, professional agitator, and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes took to Thought Catalog—a publication known for particularly vapid and terrible millennial musings—to speculate about how “transphobia is perfectly natural.” People were outraged. People demanded the piece be removed. Thought Catalog responded by slapping on a big old trigger warning—if you go to the McInnes […]

Because Bob Tyrrell Prefers Scotch, Marijuana Should Be Banned

In a column published yesterday, Bob Tyrrell, founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator, explains why alcohol is better than marijuana. Both drinking and pot smoking are “coping mechanisms,” he concedes, but alcohol is clearly more “civilized” because people can enjoy the taste, drink while reading or conversing, and imbibe without getting “blitzed.” […]


NIU Says Crazy Internet Policy Doesn't Apply to Students, But It Does!

Earlier today, I reported that Northern Illinois University maintains a restrictive Internet use policy that warns students to avoid websites deemed harmful by the administration. Web surfers at NIU are not supposed to use the internet for social media, advertisement, or politics. This policy violates free speech law, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights […]


No Global Warming For Maybe Another Decade

Average global temperatures have been essentially flat for nearly the past 17 years, even as heat-trapping carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels has accumulated in the atmosphere. Now a new study published in Science reports that the current “pause” in man-made global warming is the result of currents in the North Atlantic burying the extra […]

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