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CloudFlare Protects Internet Users By Insisting On Lawful Orders Before Blocking Customers

This month, the online service provider CloudFlare stood up for its website-owner customers, and for all users of those websites, by telling a court that CloudFlare shouldn’t be forced to block sites without proper legal procedure. Copyright law limits the kinds of orders that a court can impose on Internet intermediaries, and requires courts to […]

EPIC Sues FAA, Challenges Failure to Establish Drone Privacy Safeguards

EPIC has filed suit against the Federal Aviation Administration, arguing the agency failed to establish privacy rules for drones as required by Congress. Congress in 2012 ordered the FAA to issue “comprehensive” rules for drone use. EPIC and more than 100 organizations and experts subsequently urged the FAA to establish privacy protections prior to permitting […]


Facebook Suspended These Libertarian Groups and Won’t Explain Why

Being Libertarian and Occupy Democrats Logic, two popular libertarian Facebook groups, were suspended last week for reasons unknown. Facebook later restored the groups, but still isn’t explaining what happened. “We were down for three days,” Charles Peralo, one of the group’s administrators, told Reason. Peralo said Facebook didn’t tell him what rules had been violated. […]


Hillary's Clinton Foundation Ties Scrutinized, Mike Pence Gets a Haircut: P.M. Links

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with tons of Clinton Foundation donors during her reign. Colin Powell contradicts Hillary’s claim about her emails. CNN livestreamed Mike Pence getting a haircut, for some reason. Andrea Tantaros is also accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. Rolling Stone: “Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Gary Johnson.” What a joke […]

California Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal on Challenge to Teacher Job Protection Rules that Harm Students

California Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal on Challenge to Teacher Job Protection Rules that Harm Students

Back in 2012, nine California students with the help of activist group Students Matter sued the state of California and several of its education agencies, claiming that various state statutes defending teachers’ perquisites made education so bad for students that it amounted to a violation of their state-constitution granted right to a public education. The […]

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