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Loopholes and Flaws in the Student Privacy Pledge

With a new school year underway, concerns about student privacy are at the forefront of parents’ and students’ minds. The Student Privacy Pledge, which recently topped 300 signatories and reached its two-year launch anniversary, is at the center of discussions about how to make sure tech and education companies protect students and their information. A […]

EPIC Scrutinizes FBI "Insider Threat" Database

In comments to the FBI, EPIC criticized a proposed “Insider Threat” database that would gather virtually unlimited amounts of personal data outside the protections of the federal Privacy Act. EPIC urged the FBI to limit the scope of data collection and drop proposed Privacy Act exemptions. Citing the recent surge in government data breaches, including […]

EPIC Promotes "Algorithmic Transparency" at Annual Meeting of Privacy Commissioners

Speaking at the 38th International Conference of the Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Marrakech, EPIC President Marc Rotenberg highlighted EPIC’s recent work on algorithmic transparency and also proposed two amendments to Asimov’s Rules of Robotics. Rotenberg cautioned that autonomous devices, such as drones, were gaining the rights of privacy – control over identity and […]

DC Appeals Court Hears Arguments in Telemarketing Privacy Case

The federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. heard oral arguments Wednesday in a case with major implications for telephone privacy. The suit, ACA International v. FCC, was brought against the Federal Communications Commission by telemarketing companies and others challenging rules adopted under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act that prohibit automated calls made to cell phones […]

Eye Doctor Law Puts South Carolina 'on the Leading Edge of Protectionism'

Eye Doctor Law Puts South Carolina 'on the Leading Edge of Protectionism'

South Carolina regulators will have to go to court to defend a new law prohibiting eye doctors from issuing prescriptions over the Internet. Even though “telemedicine”—a catch-all term for letting doctors exam patients and issue prescriptions remotely—is generally legal in South Carolina, the state legislature caved to pressure from lobbyists for eye doctors and voted […]

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Trump Will Accept Election, Maybe, Another Woman Claims Trump Groped Her, U.S. Service Member Killed in Iraq: P.M. Links

Donald Trump says he’ll accept the election results … if he wins. That was likely a joke. He clarified that he will reserve the right to contest the election results if he deems them “questionable,” but will accept a “clear outcome.” A tenth woman has come forward claiming Trump touched her inappropriately. A U.S. service […]

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