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Funcionarios de comercio firmaron el TPP, pero depende de los legisladores el rechazarlo

Altos funcionarios de los países que participan del Tratado Trans-Pacífico (TPP en inglés) se han convocado en Nueva Zelanda esta semana para firmar el acuerdo final. Pero en realidad esta ceremonia es simplemente una formalidad. Desde noviembre del año pasado, desde el día que anunciaron un acuerdo concluido e hicieron público el texto un poco […]

Court Orders DOJ to Justify Withholding of FISA Reports in EPIC FOIA Suit

A federal court in Washington, DC ruled today that the Justice Department’s explanation for withholding information about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was “manifestly insufficient.” In EPIC v. Department of Justice, EPIC is seeking release of FISA surveillance reports routinely provided to Congress. The court ordered the government to submit the reports for review, and […]


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Pack New Hampshire Arena For Democratic Lovefest

On the heels of last night’s bruising Democratic debate, where Hillary Clinton tried to paint Bernie Sanders as an in-over-his-head foreign policy neophyte, and in return, the Vermont senator strongly implied that the former Secretary of State was politically compromised by the millions of dollars she earned in speaking fees from Wall Street banking firms. […]

Tonight on Shark Tank: Commandos Who Fight Wars With Flip Flops

Tonight on Shark Tank: Commandos Who Fight Wars With Flip Flops

Matthew “Griff” Griffin and Donald Lee served multiple tours in Afghanistan as members of the elite Army special operations force, the 75th Ranger Regiment. But after leaving active duty, they’ve come to believe there’s a better path to peace. Through their company Combat Flip Flops, they’re making locally-sourced products in conflict zones and using the proceeds […]


Hottest January in Satellite Temperature Record Leads Off 2016

Every month University of Alabama in Huntsville climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer publish global temperature trend data derived from NOAA satellite measurements. Their latest analysis finds that January, 2016 was the warmest first month of the year since satellite data began to be reported in 1978. January’s global average temperature was +0.54 degrees Celsius […]

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