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A National Consensus: Cell Phone Location Records Are Private

The Fourth Amendment protects us from “unreasonable” government searches of our persons, houses, papers and effects. How courts should determine what is and isn’t reasonable in our increasingly digital world is the subject of a new amicus brief we filed today in San Francisco federal court.  At issue is historical cell site data—the records of the cell towers […]

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The New Senate USA FREEDOM Act: A First Step Towards Reforming Mass Surveillance

Earlier today, Senator Patrick Leahy introduced a revised version of his USA FREEDOM legislation, the USA FREEDOM Act of 2014, which focuses on telephone record collection and FISA Court reform. While this bill is not a comprehensive solution to overbroad and unconstitutional surveillance, it is a strong first step. EFF urges Congress to support passage […]

Senator Leahy Introduces Bill to End NSA Bulk Record Collection

Today Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), joined by Democratic and Republican Senators, introduced legislation to end the NSA’s practice of collecting telephone records of Americans. Leahy described the bill as “the most significant reform of government surveillance authorities since Congress passed the USA PATRIOT Act 13 years ago.” The USA Freedom Act would require require the […]

Federal and State Wiretaps Up 5% in 2013 According to Annual Report, But Stats Don't Support FBI Claims of "Going Dark"

The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts has issued the 2013 Wiretap Report, detailing the use of surveillance authorities by law enforcement agencies. This annual report, one of the most comprehensive issued by any agency, provides an insight into the debate over surveillance authorities and the use of privacy-enhancing technologies. In 2013, wiretap applications increased […]


Tonight on <em>The Independents</em>: New Wikileaks Bombshell, EU vs. Russia, Palestinians vs. Hamas, NoKo vs. the World, D.C.’s ‘Hottest,’ Weak-ass Dinosaurs, Sultry After-Show, and More!

Tonight’s live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later) grapples with a riveting new leak from Wikileaks of a heretofore secret order by the Australian government to suppress news coverage (and the gag order itself) having to do with the “a multi-million dollar corruption […]

Harvard University

No Justice at Harvard: Accused Students Don't Get Attorneys, Cross-Examination

Harvard University has followed other Ivy League colleges in releasing—at the behest of the federal government—updated guidelines for how administrators should adjudicate campus sexual assault accusations. The new procedures are as vexing for civil libertarians as the old ones: They do not permit the accused to consult an attorney or to cross-examine witnesses. In fact, […]

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