Web Ads Tell North Carolina Progressives That They Must Vote Libertarian Sean Haugh for Senate

The American Futures Fund, a generally pro-Republican group with connections to the Koch brothers, have put out a series of short, rather absurd, online ads pushing Libertarian Party North Carolina Senate candidate Sean Haugh, in what is clearly an attempt to pull a certain class of possible Democratic voters away from incumbent Kay Hagan, and […]

Robert Sarvis

Ottawa Shooter Had Jihadist Ties, Millennials Dig Libertarian Over GOP Candidate, New Opportunity for Ebola Freakout: P.M. Links

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the suspect in the Ottawa shootout that left a Canadian soldier dead (as well as himself), was a convert to Islam with ties to jihadists. Oh, great. Republicans with visions of a GOP-dominated Senate dancing in their heads may want to thank a cluster of retiring Democratic geezers for clearing the way. Senator […]


Why Common Core Will Fail: 'Children Are Not Standardized'

Forbes contributor Alice Walton has written a terrific roundup of the anti-Common Core expert consensus. Numerous education researchers and academics have reservations about greater classroom standardization—particularly in the early grades, where excessive testing and homework is most deleterious for kids. Walton writes: David Elkind, long-time child development expert at Tufts University and author ofThe Hurried […]

Federal Involvement Is the Problem With Common Core, Education Experts Agree

The Common Core education standards have become increasingly controversial since their creation in 2009. Supporters have pointed to the need for higher, more consistent standards; much of the opposition has focused on the confusing new method of teaching math. But both of these arguments ignore the fundamental problem with Common Core: federal involvement. By using […]

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