EPIC FOIA: EPIC Obtains CBP Drone Operations and Privacy Directive

Through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, EPIC obtained Customs and Border Protection’s directive on Unmanned Aircraft System Operations and Privacy. The directive allows the agency to disseminate information collected through drone operations with federal, state, local, tribal, and foreign law enforcement agencies. EPIC’s FOIA request stems from 2015 Presidential Memorandum that requires all federal… Read More »

‘Peaceful’ Montenegro Says It’s ‘Too Small’ To Start World War III

Montenegro’s foreign minister says his country is “too small” to start World War III. His comment appears two days after U.S. President Donald Trump’s suggestion that “aggressive” Montenegrins could spark a global conflict. “We have no intentions whatsoever to start World War III, we are too small for that,” Montenegro Foreign Minister Srdjan Darmanovic tells… Read More »

Who Deserves Custody of an Embryo?: Reason Roundup

Divorcing couple can’t use their frozen embryos but someone else can, says judge. A new law in Arizona says that in embryo custody disputes, decisions must be made based on which party is most likely to have them “develop to birth.” This first-of-its-kind measure—signed in April and taking effect this month—portends an expanding front on… Read More »

The South Is Demonized

For most people educated in the public school system, this book will open your eyes to a whole new view of American history: the truth! Yes, there truly is another side and it’s been hidden from those who haven’t pursued the subject of American history in adulthood. The truth does have a way of coming… Read More »

Does the Federal Government Have the Power to Regulate Immigration? Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Said No

President Trump has announced his second nomination to the Supreme Court. Perhaps as forward in the minds of conservatives as preserving the right to keep and bear arms, expressly protected from federal infringement by the Second Amendment, is how the new justice might rule on the Trump administration’s various immigration policies, decried by the left… Read More »

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Bot Disclosure Act Would Promote Identification, Accountability

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has introduced S. 3127, the Bot Disclosure and Accountability Act of 2018. The bill directs the FTC to create a rule to require social media companies to disclose any social media bots on their platform. The bill also prohibits candidates and political parties from using bots. “This bill is designed to… Read More »

Justice Department Releases 2018 FOIA Report

Today the Department of Justice released a summary and assessment of federal agencies’ Chief FOIA Officer Reports. The annual FOIA Report provides a detailed assessment of FOIA processing across the federal government. The summary tracks the Department’s FOIA Guidelines: Applying the Presumption of Openness, Having Effective Systems for Responding to Requests, Making Information Available Proactively,… Read More »