America’s Trade Deficit With China Just Hit a New Record

The Trump administration’s protectionist trade policies were supposed to reduce America’s trade deficit with China—or, at least, that’s what President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed—but new data shows that the gap between how much America imports from China and how much it exports to China hit a new record high at the end of 2018.… Read More »

Government May Be Closed, But McDonald’s Is Open: Reason Roundup

Burgers and a side of memes. It’s a classic conundrum: You’ve invited the championship-winning college football team over for dinner, but your kitchen staff has all been furloughed because of your temper tantrum about a giant wall. What to do? Why, order some good old-fashioned American Food, obviously. When asked by reporters, President Donald Trump… Read More »

If America Stopped Destroying the World

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters on Saturday that the government under Venezuela’s recently re-inaugurated president Nicolas Maduro is “illegitimate”, and that “the United States will work diligently to restore a real democracy to that country.” Pompeo’s remarks, which were echoed by Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton, are interesting for a couple of reasons. The first is… Read More »

Space Exploration

Back in 2013, China became the third nation—after the United States and the Soviet Union—to land a rover on the moon. But earlier this month, China did something that no nation has ever done: land a rover on the unexplored dark side of the moon. The touchdown of the Chinese lunar exploration craft has “opened… Read More »

How Trump Thwarted the Israeli Effort To Keep the US in Syria

The Pentagon was not the only party pressing Donald Trump to keep troops in Syria last year. It turns out the Israeli government and its supporters in Washington were working very hard to get the Trump administration to use America’s military presence there to support an Israeli campaign of airstrikes aimed at threatening war with Iran.… Read More »

Problems with Excessive Federal Land Ownership

Ryan Zinke’s departure as interior secretary offers President Trump a chance to replace him with an appointee committed to a step long overdue: disposing of dysfunctional and unconstitutional federal land holdings. The federal government is by far the nation’s largest landlord, holding title to nearly 30 percent of the territory of the United States. As… Read More »

A Nazi Romance Movie Versus Memes: When Copyright Shuts Down Criticism

We’re taking part in Copyright Week, a series of actions and discussions supporting key principles that should guide copyright policy. Every day this week, various groups are taking on different elements of copyright law and policy, and addressing what’s at stake, and what we need to do to make sure that copyright promotes creativity and… Read More »