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White House Website Includes Unique Non-Cookie Tracker, Conflicts With Privacy Policy

Yesterday, ProPublica reported on new research by a team at KU Leuven and Princeton on canvas fingerprinting. One of the most intrusive users of the technology is a company called AddThis, who by are employing it in “shadowing visitors to thousands of top websites, from to” Canvas fingerprinting allows sites to get even […]

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Going to San Diego Comic-Con? Put On Your Mask for the Surveillance Camera Network

In the TV series Person of Interest, two government artificial intelligence programs—one gone rogue—can access virtually every surveillance camera across New York City, including privately operated ones in places like parking garages, hotels, and apartment complexes. The creators of the show try to stay one step ahead of modern technology. So the question is: do […]

EPIC Urges Privacy Board to Address Concerns About 12333 Surveillance Authority

EPIC National Security Counsel Jeramie Scott has urged the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board to focus on surveillance conducted under Executive Order 12333. The Executive Order, signed in 1981, granted broad surveillance authority to the Intelligence Community with little oversight. The Order has enabled vast surveillance of Americans, but has received little attention. EPIC […]

<em>Independents</em> Open Thread

Sorry no time for further explication, other than that I’ll be in the hosting chair for tonight’s live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three hours later), and we’ll talk about Flight 17, Israel-Hamas, the Obamacare case, Arkansas vs. dentists, and classic music pot-smoking events. Check it […]


A Toddler Wanders Near a Busy Street. This Cop's Response May Surprise You.

As someone who highlights cases where cops and child protective services intrude into the private lives of families (like this and this), I am positively delighted to showcase examples of the opposite happening. After some folks in Butler County, Kansas, found a toddler wandering close to the side of a busy road, they called the police. Lt. Travis Pierce showed […]


Ed Krayewski on Gaza and the Horrors of Government

Last week the satirical newspaper The Onion ran a piece about a “317,000,000-State Solution” for the Middle East, a riff based on the “two state solution” for Israel and Palestine. The proposal for co-existing, independent states of Israel and Palestine in the territory currently comprising the state of Israel, its occupied territories, and the land in Gaza […]

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