Copyright’s Safe Harbors Preserve What We Love About the Internet

How is the Internet different from what came before? We’ve had great art, music, film, and writing for far longer than we’ve had the World Wide Web. What we didn’t have were global conversations and collaborations that millions can participate in. The Internet has lowered barriers to participation in culture, politics, and communities of interest.… Read More »

What a Coincidence! After Syria Attack Will We Have To Stay?

An apparent suicide bombing in Manbij, northern Syria, has taken the life of four US servicemembers and several civilians. ISIS has taken credit for the attack. Neocons cite the attack as proof that we should stay. The rest of us cite the attack as more proof that we should leave. Where will Trump come down?… Read More »

Consumer Organizations Announce New Framework for US Privacy Protection, Propose Privacy Agency

EPIC joined 16 organizations in support of a “A Framework for Privacy Protection in the United States.” The consumer groups outlined a new approach to privacy protection: (1) enact baseline federal legislation; (2) enforce fair information practices; (3) establish a data protection agency; (4) ensure robust enforcement; (5) establish algorithmic governance; (6) prohibit “take it… Read More »

Once Again, ICE Detained an American Citizen

Jilmar Ramos-Gomez was born in America. In Michigan, to be exact. By the time he was 27, the Marine veteran had earned awards and other accolades for his service in Afghanistan. He had also been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. The Associated Press reports that in late November, Ramos-Gomez was taken to a Kent County… Read More »

Is Climate Change Making Hurricanes More Destructive?

“This year has shown us that climate change is a present-day threat to the safety and livelihoods of communities across America,” Georgia Institute of Technology climate scientist Kim Cobb told The New York Times last September, shortly after Hurricane Florence struck North Carolina. “Damages are increasing because the severity of the storms are increasing,” Nathaniel… Read More »

Can the FBI Investigate the President?

Shop all books by Judge Napolitano Last weekend, The New York Times reported that senior FBI officials were so concerned about whatever President Donald Trump’s true motivation for firing FBI Director James Comey was that they immediately initiated a counterintelligence investigation of the president himself. The Times reported that these officials believed that Trump may… Read More »