Free as in Open Access and Wikipedia

Between October 20 and 26, EFF is celebrating Open Access Week alongside dozens of organizations from around the world. This is a week to acknowledge the wide-ranging benefits of enabling open access to information and research—as well as exploring the dangerous costs of keeping knowledge locked behind publisher paywalls. We’ll be posting on our blog […]

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Celebrating Open Access Week: Research Should Be Free, Available, and Open

Welcome to the eighth annual Open Access Week! We’re joining an international community—researchers and students, doctors and patients, librarians and activists—to celebrate free and open access to knowledge. This is also a time to discuss the barriers and costs of keeping research and information locked up with restrictive licenses and publisher paywalls. This week, we’ll […]

Tonight on <em>The Independents</em>: Ebola Politics, Jacob Sullum on Guns and Mental Health, LP Senate Candidate Chad Grimm, U.S. Aid to ISIS, Gay-Marry-Me-or-Else!, Keene = Ferguson?, and After-show

On tonight’s episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later) beloved Reason Senior Editor Jacob Sullum will explain how, in New York and California, if you want to keep your gun rights, you’d better stay away from any kind of mental health professional. Party Panelists […]


Judge Rules Against Led Zeppelin, Says Pennsylvania a Fine Venue to Decide Whether "Stairway to Heaven" Opening Was a Spirit Rip Off

The relatives of the founding members of Spirit, a 60s/70s psychedelic/prog-rock band, are suing Led Zeppelin, alleging that the opening riff to “Stairway to Heaven” was lifted from Spirit’s song “Taurus.” Led Zeppelin apparently have a history of being inspired by music that came before them (and what musical act hasn’t?) provides some background: […]

U.K. Government Threatens to Shut Down Religious Schools For Not Promoting Tolerance Aggressively Enough

The government body responsible for school inspections in the U.K. (Ofsted) has warned an independent Christian school that it risks being downgraded, and ultimately closed, for failing to meet new “British values” requirements. The new requirements were introduced in June, following a “Trojan Horse scandal” involving the alleged infiltration of Islamic extremists in a number […]

Stuff White People Riot About

When the St. Louis-area police brought out all its military equipment and camouflage to bear against its own citizens protesting the shooting of Michael Brown this summer, they finally drew some national attention to the serious problem of overmilitarized local law enforcement agencies. On Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the titular host mocked the […]


Asking If 'Big Gov't Sucks' Got This Girl in Trouble with Cops, Kicked Off Campus

Lauren Cooley, a 22-year-old journalist and conservative activist, canvassed Broward College last week asking students there whether they agreed that “big government sucks.” The question soon answered itself: Campus police officers interrupted Cooley, told her that she had to restrict her activities to the designated “free speech zone,” and threatened to arrest her unless she […]

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