What’s Really Impeding Progress in the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

One item remains conspicuously off of President Obama’s agenda during his trip to Asia: any announcement of an agreement with Japan that could lead to completion of the long-suffering Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). So what’s the problem?  According to Cato scholar Daniel R. Pearson, the real problems facing each country are the underlying political realities.  “Meaningful […]

Watch Matt Welch Debate Pot Prohibitionists Tonight at 10 p.m. on <em>Hannity</em> (Update: False Alarm)

At 10 p.m. ET, Fox News host Sean Hannity will host another of his week-long series entitled “Stoned in America.” As the name suggests, there is a built-in skepticism about recreational marijuana being legal. The show features a panel of about two dozen commentators, and I am a vocal part of the outnumbered legalize-it caucus. […]

Arizona Supreme Court Makes It Harder to Convict Unimpaired Pot Smokers of Driving Under the Influence

Yesterday the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that people whose blood contains a secondary, inactive byproduct of marijuana can drive without violating state law. That means cannabis consumers are less likely to be charged with driving under the influence of a drug (DUID) when they are not actually impaired. Arizona, one of seven states with a […]

Wha happen? |||

Tonight on <em>The Independents</em>: Mystery Meat Wednesday, With Praise for Canada, BLM Commentary From Chuck Woolery, Income Inequality, Julie Borowski, Armenian Genocide, a Libertarian Quiz for John Bolton, and Two Minutes Hate!

We never promised it wouldn’t be a weird television show….Tonight on The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT), you will see the following things: * Game show legend Chuck Woolery talking about a rumored Bureau of Land Management land-grab on the Texas-Oklahoma border. * Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations […]

She can still control her identity, if not her circumstances.

Chelsea Manning’s Name Change Is Official, SCOTUS Limits Child Porn Restitution, Georgia Loosens Gun Laws: P.M. Links

A judge has ruled in favor of legally allowing Chelsea Manning to change her name from Bradley and for her birth certificate to be amended as such. This doesn’t obligate the Army to treat Manning as a woman, and she’ll remain imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth, a male-only facility. The Supreme Court has ruled to limit […]

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