Your Child Is More Resilient Than You Think: New at Reason

Taken literally, Nietzsche’s famous aphorism—”What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”—is not entirely correct. Some things that don’t kill you can still leave you permanently damaged and diminished. Yet in recent years, far too many parents, teachers, school administrators, and students themselves have become taken with the opposite idea—that what doesn’t kill you makes you… Read More »

How Thinking Proves the Existence of Natural Rights

At the center of pro-liberty philosophy and American constitutionalism is the concept of “natural rights,” meaning individuals are created with rights that are an innate part of our humanity or existence. Yet there are those who say we don’t have natural rights. We may have “rights,” they’ll argue, but they can be taken away or limited… Read More »

Sole and Despotic Dominion: Fiction: New at Reason

Author Cory Doctorow provides a short work of fiction for the latest issue of Reason. A snippet: Thank you for contacting Disher technical support. My name is May and I am pleased to help you with your Disher Experience! Are you human? That’s a rather personal question! Let me talk to a human I’d be… Read More »

A Major Faux Pas in Paris

Special for Asked if President Donald Trump’s highly critical tweets about French president Emmanuel Macron were unpleasant and inelegant, Macron elegantly replied, `you summed up everything.’ Yes, they were unpleasant and inelegant, to put it mildly.  Worse, Trump’s tweet barrage came on the same day France was commemorating the murder of 130 Parisians by… Read More »

The James Madison Passage They Keep Buried

Shop all books by Tom Woods All the so-called respectables are up in arms about acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. I wrote about this earlier this week. But this one deserves a double dip. Whitaker has made friendly remarks about nullification. This is not allowed, even though Thomas Jefferson said the states could nullify unconstitutional… Read More »

Progress or Failure in North Korea?

In this same week the New York Times asserted North Korea is engaged in a “great deception” over its nuclear forces, South Korean unification minister Cho Myoung Gyon is visiting the United States with plans to meet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a Member of Congress, and to address several forums. Will he speak of… Read More »

Saudi Arabia and the Canadian Arms Lobby

One has to admire the Canadian government’s manipulation of the media regarding its relationship with Saudi Arabia. Despite being partners with the Kingdom’s international crimes, the Liberals have managed to convince some gullible folks they are challenging Riyadh’s rights abuses. By downplaying Ottawa’s support for violence in Yemen while amplifying Saudi reaction to an innocuous… Read More »