EPIC Urges Congress to Regulate the Internet of Things

In advance of a hearing on the Internet of Things (IoT), EPIC wrote to Congress on the need for privacy and security regulations for IoT consumer products. EPIC explained that regulation is necessary “because neither the manufacturers nor the owners of those devices have incentive to fix weak security.” EPIC has called upon the Consumer… Read More »

Junk Science Locks Up Innocent People: New at Reason

TV shows like CSI, Law & Order, and NCIS depict incredible technology for identifying criminals. In one NCIS scene, a 3D hologram identifies a person’s teeth, precisely matching the killer’s bite to a bite mark on a victim. “A little 3D magic for clarity and I give you—the killer’s incisors!” NCIS character “Abby” announces proudly.… Read More »

America Needs Immigrants Now More Than Ever

Immigration is the most-heated domestic policy topic today. Leave aside questions about whether members of MS-13, a violent gang started in Los Angeles, are “animals” or not and you still have Donald Trump dismissing migrants from “shithole countries”, members of Congress such as Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) railing against “somebody else’s baby”, and Republicans pushing… Read More »

Occupational Licensing Reform Is Bipartisan. California Didn’t Get the Message.

At a time when partisanship rules everything, occupational licensing reform has been a remarkably bipartisan project. One of the few areas of policy agreement between the Obama and Trump administrations—at least outside of foreign policy—has been support for cutting unnecessary regulations that keep Americans from working. The two biggest licensing reform bills passed by states… Read More »

Jim Rogers Bets That Sanctions Don’t Matter

Moscow: After getting burnt in the worst month for Russian bonds in more than a year, Jim Rogers says the toughest wave of US sanctions yet doesn’t spook him. The 75-year-old chairman of Rogers Holdings Inc has been using the sell-off that followed the April 6 penalties to buy more short-term rouble debt. He recommends… Read More »

Why Not Let Six-Year-Olds Vote?

The Twenty-Sixth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits states from denying residents who have reached the age of eighteen the right to vote. It doesn’t say that states can’t set their voting ages lower than eighteen. The Amendment simply reads: “The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older,… Read More »

Trump’s Fed Nominee

Trump Federal Reserve Board of Governors nominee Marvin Goodfriend reportedly advocated on two different occasions the elimination of cash from circulation in an effort to prevent individuals from hoarding cash in the event that the Federal Reserve were to push a negative interest rate policy during a financial crisis. The Mises Institute notes that Goodfriend first… Read More »

Neil Gorsuch and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Clash Over Federal Labor Law and the ‘Specter’ of Lochner v. New York

“Should employees and employers be allowed to agree that any disputes between them will resolve through one-on-one arbitration? Or should employees always be permitted to bring their claims in class or collective actions, no matter what they agreed with their employees?” That’s how Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch summarized the dispute at the heart of… Read More »