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When Congress Heads Home, Head to Your Elected Representatives’ Office or Town Hall

When your elected representatives are in their home-districts, it’s a chance for you to hear—in person—what they have to say about surveillance. Even while in session, Congress takes recesses. The House majority leader schedule and the Senate calendar can help you figure out when those recesses are taking place.   Now is an especially important […]

FTC Reaches Settlement with Customer Tracking Technology Firm Over Privacy Violations

The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with the firm Nomi, whose sensors recorded the physical location of customers in stores using their mobile devices’ MAC addresses. Nomi’s privacy policy stated that customers would be able to opt out of tracking, however, customers were not informed when they were being tracked. The settlement agreement will […]

NSA Gadget Transfer Program Turning Local Cops into Spies

With the media spotlight shining on police militarization, most Americans know something about the federal 1033 transfer program that enables police departments to get military equipment like armored vehicles, high power weapons, grenade launchers, and even bayonets. But most Americans don’t realize that local law enforcement agencies can also acquire spy gear from the feds. […]

Tens of Thousands of New York Students Refuse Tests

Tens of Thousands of New York Students Refuse Tests

In New York, where a full-fledged rebellion against Common Core-based standardized testing is underway, about 17 percent of students have reportedly refused the English Language Arts exam, and similar numbers for the Math exam are still flowing in. Considering that participation is technically mandatory, that’s an impressive sign of grassroots resistance to both the controversial […]

David Harsanyi on Hillary Clinton's Awkward Class War Rhetoric

David Harsanyi on Hillary Clinton's Awkward Class War Rhetoric

Near the end of a recent New York Times article detailing the imaginary populist roots of Hillary Clinton—the original Elizabeth Warren, her people would have you believe—the reader crashes into an implausible scene, wherein, confronted by a chart showing the growth of real wages among income groups, Clinton, according to unnamed sources, pointed at the 1 percent […]

I vote that there should be no vote.

Big Cable Merger Effort Dies, Protests Shut Down College, That Stupid, Jokey Presidential Press Dinner is Back: P.M. Links

The Comcast, Time Warner Cable merger has been killed, which is probably being seen as some sort of victory for “competition” from people who have no idea what the word means or how Internet innovation is changing the whole dynamic of television service anyway. Valdosta State University in Georgia has shut down entirely over fears […]

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