3-D Printing DNA: Hacking Life's Code and Creating New Organisms

3-D Printing DNA: Hacking Life's Code and Creating New Organisms

“3-D Printing DNA: Hacking Life’s Code and Creating New Organisms” was originally released on Feb. 24, 2015. The original writeup is below. “To think that we can’t make organisms that aren’t more efficient than existing, I don’t think is correct,” says Austen Heinz, founder of the biotech startup Cambrian Genomics. “Because nature doesn’t have DNA […]


Brendan O'Neill: In Defense of Drunk Sex

Is it acceptable to have drunk sex? Most people who aren’t citizens of the Islamic State or followers of some frigid Christian group will answer with an emphatic: “Hell, yeah.” Not only is it acceptable, they’ll think; it’s good, one of life’s great pleasures, a rare moment when you can ditch the pesky rational thinking […]

Muscular Foreign Policy

I have long groused about interventionists’ appropriation of masculine sounding rhetoric to describe what is essentially a fear based policy. When debating interventionists they often imply that non-interventionism is the inherently weak or wimpy position, and conversely that aggressive militarism is strong and manly. When they are not implying it they are stating it outright, […]

10 Best-Read Articles on LRC

1. Christians Can Opt Out of ObamaCare This outrages lefties. Tough, says Gary North. 2. More Dangerous Than Measles Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, on the MMR vaccine. 3. Why Did ISIS Burn the Jordanian Pilot? Pat Buchanan on 4 possibilities. 4. The Measles Hysteria Scientist Kathryn Muratore on vaccines and vaccinations. 5. The Day the ATMs Run Out Bill […]


Take Less of a Beating From the Tax Man

MarketWatch ran an article on the states that are worst for the common man: “10 states with the worst taxes for average Americans.” The journalist ignored these horrendous tax states: California and New York. It targeted these states as the worst, beginning at the top. Washington Florida Texas South Dakota What do they have in […]

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