Gavin McInnes Makes a Great Argument Against Censorship

Last week, performance artist, professional agitator, and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes took to Thought Catalog—a publication known for particularly vapid and terrible millennial musings—to speculate about how “transphobia is perfectly natural.” People were outraged. People demanded the piece be removed. Thought Catalog responded by slapping on a big old trigger warning—if you go to the McInnes […]

Because Bob Tyrrell Prefers Scotch, Marijuana Should Be Banned

In a column published yesterday, Bob Tyrrell, founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator, explains why alcohol is better than marijuana. Both drinking and pot smoking are “coping mechanisms,” he concedes, but alcohol is clearly more “civilized” because people can enjoy the taste, drink while reading or conversing, and imbibe without getting “blitzed.” […]


NIU Says Crazy Internet Policy Doesn't Apply to Students, But It Does!

Earlier today, I reported that Northern Illinois University maintains a restrictive Internet use policy that warns students to avoid websites deemed harmful by the administration. Web surfers at NIU are not supposed to use the internet for social media, advertisement, or politics. This policy violates free speech law, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights […]


No Global Warming For Maybe Another Decade

Average global temperatures have been essentially flat for nearly the past 17 years, even as heat-trapping carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels has accumulated in the atmosphere. Now a new study published in Science reports that the current “pause” in man-made global warming is the result of currents in the North Atlantic burying the extra […]

You are now free to express your First Amendment rights.

National Guard Leaving Ferguson, N.C. School Voucher Program Struck Down, Getting Pain Pills to Become Bigger Pain: P.M. Links

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has ordered the withdrawal of National Guard troops from Ferguson as protests have begun to subside. Britain’s Ministry of Defense estimates there are more British Muslims fighting on behalf of the Islamic State (ISIL) in Syria and Iraq than serving in their own forces, though it’s difficult to determine exact numbers. […]

Jim Epstein on Sexism, Racism, Violent Threats, and Other Tales from the Education Policy Wars

Welcome to the bloodstained sandbox of education policy, writes Jim Epstein, where distinguished professors wield spiked bats, union thugs hurl violent threats, and how you look and who you’re friends with matters more than what you say. Attacking ideas without mercy is a noble sport, but the ed world is all about character assassination. The […]

Burning Man: It's Still Great Even if People Richer Than You Are There (And Buy the 10th Anniversary Edition of My Book!)

It’s the season when people’s thoughts turn to BigThink about Burning Man, the ever-growing (now over 60,000 people) festival of art and excess and community that appears and disappears every year the week before Labor Day in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. I am quoted at some length today in both a New York Times and an […]

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