New International Trade Crossing – Bridge Deal Coming

By | June 2, 2012

New international Trade Crossing Deal Near(Mackinac) – Governor Rick Snyder surprised many when he let it be known that a bridge deal is almost done. With Matty Maroun lobbying legislators, it seemed like nothing was going to happen any time soon, but it appears Governor Snyder is taking a different approach – one that doesn’t require legislative approval.

The only obstacle now is that the Canadians want to use cheaper Chinese steel for construction, and due to US federal restrictions that may not be possible.

The New international Trade Crossing is expected to cost $1.5 billion, with $550 million of that being the responsibility of Michigan to pay. However, since Michigan is broke, Canada has agreed to foot the bill, and recoup their money from Michigan’s share of the tolls.

To get the deal done without legislative approval, Michigan is working with Canada and the U.S. federal government in something called an interlocal agreement. This allows separate government agencies to share their budgets in order to accomplish a common goal.

Governor Snyder is trying to use the construction of the new bridge to get $2 billion in additional funds to repair local roads and bridges, and that’s the only thing delaying the deal right now.

Because of the indirect federal funding, there is a requirement to use domestic steel if available, even though it is more expensive. The Canadians do not want to pay more than necessary, but once this sticking point is resolved, construction will begin.

According to sources close to Governor Snyder, the deal will get done, and will be done in weeks – not months. The project is expected to create around 10,000 construction jobs on both sides of the border.

3 thoughts on “New International Trade Crossing – Bridge Deal Coming

  1. Kurt Hesse

    The ENTIRE business community in Michigan says the new bridge is vital. The costs of traffic delays are to great at the current bridge. These corporations are what drive Michigan. Without them we’re NOTHING! You think we’re broke now? Run a few major players out of state with this crap and see what broke really is. Canada buys more Michigan goods than ANY other nation in the WORLD. The Niagra region has 12 commercial traffic lanes and carries less traffic. They’re in the process of building another one. Guess who’s up there and owns all the land on both sides? Moroun. He’s pushing to own one up there. Why is that? Building the bridge is the cheap part. Once it’s up he just sits back and watches the taxpayer hook him into the freeway system. Gateway was an expansion. 230 million. A new hook up? 500 million. 500 million from the U.S. 500 million for Canada to hook him up. Cost of the span? 900 million. He just raped the taxpayer for a BILLION dollars worth of driveways. THAT’S NOT THE EXPENSIVE PART EITHER! Now it’s time to hire all the homeland security and immigration officers. Time to buy all the equipment to inspect these vehicles.. Know what Morouns obligation is now? Hire the minimum wage toll collectors to drag in the money. THAT’S IT! It’s probably our nations biggest corporate welfare scam going. Some things really are the governments responsibility. International trade and commerce. Securing our borders? Those 2 items fall in that catagory. Moroun stated that the taxpayer cost to operate the Ambassador bridge is 100 million a year. What return do we get on that investment Jack Brandenburg? TELL US? You like welfare JACK? Most estimates are this guy clears 100 million a year. Does he use any of that to defray our HUGE costs to secure his business? These toll takers don’t even make enough money to contribute to our taxbase. ITS NUTS. Now he wants to add capacity? Get ready to pony up AGAIN!

  2. J Vincent Burr Post author

    Those are all interesting points Kurt.

    Another thing that’s come out about why Matty Maroun has spent so much to fight the additional bridge, is the fact that his trucking company – Central Transport, gets to cross the border toll free. Once the new bridge is built, Windsor is going to ban all truck traffic in their downtown area, which will force his trucks to use the new bridge to the south, and they will have to pay the tolls.

    1. Kurt Hesse

      I doubt that will happen.. There will be no need. I think Moroun will choose to use the new bridge too. He’s in logistics, and not dumb. People keep talking about a toll war, and Matty can run the new crossing out of business.. NO WAY! He could let em cross for free and not attract a single customer.. The fuel and hourly wage cost savings of getting on the 401 immediately as opposed to sitting through 17 traffic signals through downtown Windsor far outweigh the toll cost.


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