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What the New HBO Brexit Film Gets Wrong: New at Reason

There’s a bizarre moment in Brexit: The Uncivil War, the HBO drama about Britain’s 2016 E.U. referendum. Robert Mercer, the Trump-supporting American billionaire, is shown offering his services to Arron Banks, a Leave-supporting British businessman. It’s an incongruous scene, and feels as if it has been spliced in from a cheap spy thriller. “Data is… Read More »

Go Study the Maginot Line

Special for ‘Good fences make good neighbors,’ wrote American poet Robert Frost.  But not according to President Donald Trump whose proposed Great Wall is supposed to protect the nation from hordes of rabid, murderous, drug crazed rapists and unwhites from south of the border. I’m a life-long student of military architecture, with a particular… Read More »

‘Someone Will Make Money by Stoking Fears’

The new US missile defense strategy is a boondoggle for the military-industrial complex, which will drive the US into more debt and can bring misery upon multiple nations by fueling an arms race, ex-US Congressman Ron Paul said. Plans to weaponize space with a new layer of sensors unveiled by Trump as part of his… Read More »

Fact-Free Politics

In this era when there has been more information available to more people than at any time in the past, it is also true that there has been more misinformation from more different sources than ever. We are not talking about differences of opinion or inadequate verification, but about statements and catchwords in utter defiance… Read More »

The Resurgent States of America

The “United States of America” has become a misnomer. In 1776, the words “state” and “nation” were synonyms. The USA could have been named “The United Nations of America,” or the UNA. After pushing the British off their shores, the colonies became independent nations. But they usually called themselves states. The founders’ goal was to… Read More »

Article 13 and 11 Update: Even The Compromises are Compromised In This Copyright Trainwreck

Update, January 18: EU ministers have failed to approve the compromise text—with Germany, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Finland and Slovenia, Italy, Croatia,  and Portugal all voting against the current Article 13/11 proposal. Keep up the pressure! If you’re in the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Sweden, or Belgium —tell your government to oppose… Read More »

Work with EFF this Summer! Apply to be a 2019 Google Public Policy Fellow

Are you passionate about emerging Internet and technology policy issues? Come work with EFF this summer as a Google Public Policy Fellow! This 10-week fellowship gives undergraduate and graduate students a paid opportunity to work alongside EFF’s International team on projects advancing debate on key public policy issues. EFF is looking for someone who shares… Read More »

Federal Court Orders That Patent Troll Can’t Hide Its Machinations

A federal judge has ordered that prolific patent troll Uniloc cannot hide its shell games from the public. After EFF filed a motion to intervene seeking access to sealed court records, Judge William H. Alsup of the Northern District of California has ordered [PDF] that the relevant documents should be made public. Judge Alsup stayed… Read More »

EPIC Seeks Injunction to Block Census Citizenship Question

EPIC is seeking a preliminary injunction to block the Census Bureau from adding a question about citizenship to the 2020 Census. EPIC alleges that the Census Bureau failed to complete privacy impact assessments, required by law, before it abruptly added the question to the census last year. EPIC explained that the “extraordinary reach of the… Read More »