Talkin' Conspiracies with PJ Media

By | August 30, 2013

Last week Ed Driscoll of PJ Media interviewed me about

The United States of Paranoia
, a book I may have
mentioned a time or two on this blog. He has now
both a podcast and a transcript of our conversation.
Here’s an excerpt:

The book, by contrast, costs a few bucks.MR. DRISCOLL: Any hopes that
The United States of Paranoia will put an end or at least
reduce some of the conspiracy mongering?

MR. WALKER: Oh, no. I mean, I didn’t write this as an attack on
conspiracy theories, although I’m very open about it when I think
something isn’t true. And I didn’t write it as a collection of
conspiracy theories that I believe in.

It’s just sort of me looking at the stories and at American history
and culture through that lens. So I’m not even trying to stop it
here. But it would be fruitless to try to stop it, because that’s
just the way people’s minds work.

Like I said, we’re always going to be seeing signals, seeing
patterns, creating narratives, being suspicious of people. And
there’s always going to be some conspiracies that are real, so some
theorizing is going to be justified. And that’s just the way it is,
you know?

I was on TV a few days ago, and someone said conspiracy theories
were toxic to democracy. And all I can say is, I hope not, because
that means you could never have a democratic society.

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