Senate to Consider Nomination of William Barr for Attorney General

This week the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on the nomination of William Barr for Attorney General. In a statement to the Committee, EPIC warned that “Mr. Barr has consistently supported warrantless surveillance of the American people.” EPIC pointed to Barr’s previous Congressional testimony where he stated that FISA is “too restrictive” and that… Read More »

Congress Requests Emergency Meeting On Location Privacy

A key House panel requested an emergency briefing from the Federal Communications Commission to determine why the agency has not prevented wireless carriers from selling consumers’ location data. The request followed reports that wireless providers sell location data to third parties, despite pledging to not do so after investigations last year. In 2007, EPIC urged… Read More »

U.S. Air Traffic Controllers Are Working Without Pay During the Shutdown. Canada’s Privatized Air Traffic Control System is Bailing Them Out With Free Pizza.

One feel-good story making the rounds today is about the crews of Canadian air traffic controllers who are sending pizza to their American counterparts, working without pay during the now 24-day partial shutdown of the federal government. The pizza deliveries started last Thursday, when a team from Edmonton, Canada sent pizzas across the border to… Read More »

Apple’s Tax Tactics Deserve Defending, Not Shaming: New at Reason

Employees of Apple “should be humiliated and ashamed” because of the iPhone company’s “clearly sleazy” decision to minimize its corporate taxes, New York Times columnist David Brooks claims. “The Apple corporation exists because of American institutions,” Brooks writes, complaining that “Apple parked its intellectual property in an Irish subsidiary so it could avoid paying taxes… Read More »

The Wasteful Priorities of Bureaucrats

We can learn a lot about the priorities of bureaucrats by what they choose to prioritize when they are forced to make choices in spending taxpayer dollars. For example, the U.S. State Department is one of several agencies whose operations are being cut back as part of the partial shutdown of the federal government. Unfortunately,… Read More »

Red Seals in the Sunset

Back in 2010, fisherman Larry Legans was having some luck on the Sacramento River, not far from the state capitol, when a sea lion began raiding his catch. Legans duly shot the animal, for which he faced three years in prison and a $70,000 in fines. The sea lion, which locals dubbed “Sgt. Nevis,” recovered… Read More »

Pompeo At It Again: Calls for Venezuela Coup

While touring the Middle East, including election-free Saudi Arabia, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called for the Venezuelan opposition and armed forces to overthrow the current government under its president Nicolas Maduro. According to Pompeo, a coup is necessary to “restore democracy” after elections failed to produce the desired US outcome. On today’s Ron… Read More »