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What You Need to Know About the Latest WhatsApp Vulnerability

If you are one of WhatsApp’s billion-plus users, you may have read that on Monday the company announced that it had found a vulnerability. This vulnerability allowed an attacker to remotely upload malicious code onto a phone by sending packets of data that look like phone calls from a number not in your contacts list.… Read More »

House Members Begin Public Reading of Mueller Report

Members of the House of Representatives, led by Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA, @RepMGS), have begun a public reading of the Muller Report. The reading is being broadcast live on C-SPAN. EPIC (@EPICprivacy) sued the Department of Justice for the release of the full, unredacted Mueller Report. EPIC has now obtained the document, processed pursuant… Read More »

San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have passed a resolution to limit the use of surveillance technology by city departments. San Francisco will now require surveillance impact reports, annual audits, and review by the city controller. EPIC led an effort – “Observing Surveillance” – in Washington, DC after 9-11 to document the growing use of… Read More »

YouTube User Fights Unfair Takedown Campaign from UFC

EFF Demands End to Bogus Copyright Claims Aimed at Post-Fight Commentary San Francisco – The creator of popular post-fight commentary videos on YouTube is demanding an end to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)’s unfair practice of sending takedown notices based on bogus copyright claims. The creator, John MacKay, is represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation… Read More »

Victory! EFF Wins National Security Letter Transparency Lawsuit

A federal district court in San Francisco has ruled strongly in favor of our Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking records of how and when the FBI lifts gag orders issued with National Security Letters (NSLs). These records will provide a window into the FBI’s use of a highly secretive investigative tool that has been… Read More »

San Francisco Takes a Historic Step Forward in the Fight for Privacy

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted today by 8-to-1 to make San Francisco the first major city in the United States to ban government use of face surveillance technology. This historic measure applies to all city departments. The Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance also takes an important step toward ensuring a more informed and democratic process… Read More »