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Time to Tackle Street Lighting in Detroit

One of the biggest issues in Detroit is the number of broken streetlights.  Trying to keep crime in check is only made more difficult when criminals can disappear into the darkness with such ease. A new report indicates that roughly 40% of the streetlights in the city are broken due to lack of funds for… Read More »

Michigan State Fairgrounds Going Up For Sale

Governor Snyder signed two bills into law which will return the Michigan State Fairgrounds to the Michigan Land Bank. This move will effectively put the land up for sale enabling developers to do something worthwhile with the property. A five member State Fairgrounds Advisory Committee will begin meeting to make recommendations for future use of… Read More »

Belle Isle Entrance Will Soon Require $10 DNR Tag

The days of being able to just drive across the bridge and hangout at Belle Isle are soon to be over. Part of the recent Consent Agreement that Detroit signed with Lansing, stipulates that the island will now be leased to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources so that it can be properly managed. Belle… Read More »

4 New Casinos Coming to Detroit Area?

There is a new proposal being considered to put 4 new casinos in the Detroit area and another four throughout the state. This is just the beginning of a long battle to get the casino’s approved, so nothing is set in stone, but the investors are lined up and ready to put their money where… Read More »

Brewster Projects – Finally Coming Down

Mayor Bing announced that one of the largest eyesores in Detroit is finally coming down this year. The site of the Brewster Projects is some of the best available real estate in Detroit so now we can only hope it is put to proper use. Let’s just hope the City Council doesn’t get involved because… Read More »

HUD 108 Loans Not Being Paid Back

Most of the loans made under the special federal loan program put together in order to help redevelop some of the buildings in midtown and downtown Detroit – termed HUD 108, remain unpaid. The way it works is, the city received a block grant from US Housing and Urban Development, and then it awards those… Read More »