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California Assembly’s Privacy Committee Votes to Weaken Landmark Privacy Law

The California State Assembly’s Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee today capitulated to industry complaints that our privacy is inconvenient for its bottom line. It voted to advance five bills opposed by privacy advocates that would undermine the landmark California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and put companies before consumers. Rather than stand up for Californians and… Read More »

FTC Renews Spam Rule, Cites EPIC Comments

After soliciting public comments, the Federal Trade Commission has renewed the CAN-SPAM Rule (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing). The FTC rule requires subject-line labeling of commercial emails containing sexually explicit material. The rule also clarifies that a recipient of unwanted emails may not be required to pay a fee, provide additional information… Read More »

EPIC FOIA: Census Bureau Gathers Noncitizens’ Data Without Required Privacy Impact Assessment

An EPIC Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that the Census Bureau obtains vast quantities of noncitizens’ personal data from the Department of Homeland Security without having first conducted a required Privacy Impact Assessment. Under a written agreement disclosed to EPIC, the DHS transfers the “Legal Permanent Resident File” to the Bureau each year,… Read More »

Will Connecticut Finally Enact Meaningful Eminent Domain Reform?

Susette Kelo’s famous “little pink house,”which became an iconic symbol of the Kelo case. Some fourteen years after a controversial Supreme Court decision upheld the use of eminent domain to seize homes for transfer to private developers, the state where the case originated may finally pass a law that curtails such abuses. In 2005, the… Read More »

If Congress Does Not Change Federal Gun Laws, Kamala Harris Promises, She Will Do It by Presidential Fiat

“If Republicans continue to cower to the NRA,” says Democratic presidential contender Kamala Harris, she will impose new gun controls by “executive action.” If Congress does not change the law, in other words, Harris will, although that is not part of the president’s constitutional job description. The California senator’s campaign website promises that “if Congress… Read More »

The Nuclear Deal Saboteurs Aren’t Finished Yet

Originally appeared on The American Conservative. CNN reports that Trump may decide to cancel more sanctions waivers, and this time they affect ongoing work to implement provisions of the nuclear deal: President Donald Trump and his advisers are considering revoking sanctions waivers that have allowed several countries to collaborate with Iran on civil nuclear projects,… Read More »

Impeaching Trump

The liberals are bent on impeaching Trump. Utilitarian electoral calculations are their only considerations. But how to impeach after he just got no-billed by the grand jury on the big collusion plot that never was, and no more than half-assed recommended for future possible charges on obstruction in the case of the big collusion plot… Read More »