EPIC Says FAA Drone App Should Track Drones

By | May 14, 2019

In comments on the Federal Aviation Administration’s proposed drone app B4UFLY EPIC reiterated the need for drones to broadcast ID, location, course and purpose. The FAA app would provide situational awareness to drone operators, but fails to provide the public with information about nearby drones. As EPIC explained, commercial planes and vessels routinely provide this information on apps widely available to the public. Further, it is unclear what data is collected by the FAA app, as the Privacy Impact Assessment provides conflicting explanations. EPIC said the FAA should limit the information it collects on non-commercial drone operators. EPIC has repeatedly called for remote, broadcast ID for drones, and led a coalition in 2012 to petition the agency to conduct a rulemaking on drone privacy. EPIC also sued the agency when it failed to establish limits on drone surveillance.

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