Holy Fire

By | April 17, 2019

I wrote an article for Lew Rockwell on the fallacy of black holes and discussed Electric Universe proponents’ explanation for the phenomenon entitled Black Heart; recently legacy corporate news outlets ran stories about alleged photographic proof of black holes. At least one article did provide the often unrevealed truth that Albert Einstein himself thought such an entity impossible:

The concept that explains black holes was so radical, in fact, that Einstein, himself, had strong misgivings. He concluded in a 1939 paper in the Annals of Mathematics that the idea was “not convincing” and the phenomena did not exist “in the real world.”

The Thunderbolts site issued their rebuttal also with the title Black Heart; the salient point made by the author Stephen Smith:

It has long been said that “seeing is believing”. However, it should not be surprising that “believing is seeing” appears to be more apt. When there is no inner experience, such as a theory, outer realities remain invisible. Such is the case with cosmic electric fields and the flow of electric charge through the Universe.

As an author, I find the godless concept of black holes demonic—all devouring, inescapable, inevitable, infinitely destructive—and ludicrous at the same time; in fact, there was a science fiction-horror film exploring that concept of the black hole as gateway to hell entitled Event Horizon.

What I write about now, however, is not astronomical phenomenon that serves a nihilistic cultural agenda but the blessed phenomenon of human consciousness, also using information provided by Electric Universe proponents from the Thunderbolts team. Readers of LewRockwell.com know that orthodox opinions and pronouncements by the dominant establishment on economics, politics, history, and many other matters are flagrantly false. Yet we don’t often think that science too is subject to corruption, becoming more an ideology than a search for facts, a search for truth. This video by Thunderbolts discusses Scientific “Correctness” vs. Scientific Progress. “Think of the scientific method as the application of human cognitive abilities.”

To me, Holy Fire is not at its most powerful solely on Easter, although it is an important reminder. Holy Fire exists when human beings seek out God, no longer rebellious and isolated, but with humility; when we overcome our baser natures and speak truth, especially speaking truth to power; when we stand up for the weak and the helpless, when we show compassion, kindness and goodness in our daily lives; when we are meek and humble in the service of God, no matter our flaws and yes, our sins—those acts we do that separate us from God. On this website, thanks to the work of Lew Rockwell, you may discover and listen to many such voices of conscience, and perhaps choose to join yours with them.

I wish all believers a happy, holy and blessed Easter.

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