EPIC Sues for Release of Kavanaugh White House Records on Warrantless Surveillance, Patriot Act

By | September 18, 2018

EPIC has filed a lawsuit to compel the National Archives and Records Administration to release Brett Kavanaugh’s White House records about warrantless surveillance and the Patriot Act. EPIC’s lawsuit follows the agency’s failure to respond to EPIC’s two urgent Freedom of Information Act requests. In the complaint, EPIC explains that timely release of these records is now essential to assess Kavanaugh’s role in the White House surveillance programs. In Senate testimony, Kavanaugh claimed that he knew nothing about these programs, but documents indicate that he drafted President Bush’s speech on the Patriot Act, communicated with John Yoo, the architect of the warrantless surveillance program, and defended suspicionless surveillance of the American public. Last week, EPIC sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee urging postponement of the the committee vote on Kavanaugh until the documents EPIC requested are released. EPIC highlighted concerns about Kavanaugh’s White House years in an earlier letter to the Committee.

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One thought on “EPIC Sues for Release of Kavanaugh White House Records on Warrantless Surveillance, Patriot Act

  1. Chuck

    I did not like what the Democraps did to Kavanaugh, but I dislike what Kavanaugh has done to the American People!
    As I read The Constitution, the People are in charge of the government, the Government is NOT in charge of the people. On the Supreme Court, I want someone who will support and defend The Constitution from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC and as see it, Kavanaugh is an enemy of the Constitution and therefore an enemy of the People. He does not support the 4th Amendment and he was involved with the creation and instillation of Patriot Act, which is the greatest travesty U.S. History. Anyone involved with the creation or adoption of the Patriot Act is guilty of TREASON and should be dealt with accordingly, therefore, Kavanaugh should be in Federal Prison NOT on the Supreme Court!


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