Saul Anuzis is Out – Ron Paul Picks Up National Delegates

By | May 20, 2012

Ron Paul Wins Michigan Delegates(Detroit) – As covered earlier in an article about Ron Paul’s delegate strategy in Michigan, the only thing that counts towards the Republican nomination is the delegates. Voters that showed up in February to cast their ballots in the Republican primary probably didn’t realize that their votes didn’t actually count for anything.  The real show began Friday at the Republican state convention.

Ron Paul has been picking up delegates in state after state, and Michigan was no different. Although the totals are not yet confirmed it looks like Ron Paul picked up 8 of the 30 voting delegates from Michigan for the national convention in Tampa.

Additionally, at least one non-voting delegate and 11 alternates are Ron Paul supporters as well. That may not seem like much of a victory, but remember that projected delegate totals based on the primary had Ron Paul getting zero delegates, so it would be hard not to call this a victory for Paul supporters.

In addition to the extra delegates, Paul supporters saw nemesis Saul Anuzis lose his spot as Michigan Republican National Committeeman to Dave Agema. Michigan Republican National Committeewoman Holly Hughes lost as well to former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land. Although not necessarily considered “Ron Paul people”, the new leadership of the Michigan Republican Party will not be able to marginalize the Paul supporters any longer. A platform shift has started nationwide in the Republican Party, and Michigan is feeling it as well.

To be clear, Mitt Romney still won Michigan by securing the majority of the delegates, but to pick up 8 additional delegates in a state that was projected to produce zero for Ron Paul has to be seen as a victory of sorts. The results were particularly impressive considering the obscure rules that prevented hundreds of potential Ron Paul delegates from voting at the county conventions, since they had to be elected as precinct delegates in 2010 or earlier.

To be ready for future elections, Ron Paul supporters mobilized in a big way by registering as precinct delegates all over the state. Some estimates have over half of the registered precinct delegates in Michigan as Ron Paul supporters, something that is sure to influence future elections for years to come.

It appears unavoidable that the Michigan Republican Party will be firmly under the control of a more libertarian group starting in 2014. States like Maine, Minnesota and several others have already seen the Party change hands, but due to varying Party rules it’s something that will take more time in some states than others. The revolution is being televised, pay attention folks because it’s an historical time in this country’s history.


34 thoughts on “Saul Anuzis is Out – Ron Paul Picks Up National Delegates

  1. RP Sucks

    You guys lost, deal with it. Your writing is so obviously biased towards Ron Paul it’s not even funny. The goal should be to beat Obama, not Romney. What a bunch of losers…

    1. J Vincent Burr Post author

      I’m simply writing about the issues that the mainstream media is choosing to ignore. I’m actually more fascinated by the nomination process than the results, although the results are indeed impressive. I may be overstating this, but it looks like what we are seeing is a complete reshaping of one of the major political parties in this country. It goes much deeper than Dr. Paul who will in all likelihood not be President. What I’m seeing is the Republican Party being taken over at the precinct level by a group of people with a common cause, and that is a very powerful thing.

      1. Gary Putz

        Yes. And that cause is Liberty! The very same reason why we fought the Revolutionary War. The very same thing that this country was built around!

    2. ProudAmericanFirst

      The only losers I see are ObamNEY supporters, who support NDAA indefinite detention, TSA, Patriot Act, D- rating on 2nd Amendment and Conglomerate Elitists who are BRED to put the small/medum businesses out and under. Add to that, continued war (illegal invasion) profiteering, creator of ObamNEY Care, voted to raise taxes 7 times and puts helpless dog on rooftop – thanks but no thanks. I am not a Marxist regardless of the letter after the name (D or R).

      You let corrupt media pick your vote. I vote with my heart and soul. Remember, the world is what we make it. If you want to continue down the same path, vote ObamNEY. Otherwise, vote Ron Paul who will restore our country to being the greatest, freest the world has ever seen.

      It is ok to make mistakes in life as along as we learn from them. I’ve made my share and regret some of them, but now know that Ron Paul is the right and only choice 🙂

    3. Mitch Connor

      It’s true. Ron Paul (the one that won’t win) has sparked a movement that will be documented for generations to come. While Mitt Romney (probably will win) will be a blip in American History if the lack of enthusiasm TODAY is any indication.

    4. Gary Putz

      A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. The only difference between the two is the spelling. It’s sad to say but if Romney wins the nomination people will have to suffer the consequences for their mistakes just as we have with Bush, Obama, Clinton, and so on. When people finally shut off their TV’s and think for themselves instead of voting like the corrupt media tells them we will have a chance. I see this happening more and more all the time. There is no lesser of two evils when you compare these two. The only good thing that could come out of an Obama Romney election is when Obama wins (which he would without a doubt) we won’t have to pay Romney s pension for the rest of his life too. Anyone who doesn’t believe that they need to abide by the Constitution really needs to take a Constitution Class to understand the importance of it. The Ron Paul R3volution lives on and is growing more and more each and every day. We will prevail!!!

    5. kenny,colorado delegate

      romney is obama. obama/romney 2012 status quo, if you support romney you have already lost. Ron Paul 2012 to Win over obamney, ps romney is obama on issues ,flip flops are for your feet not politics.

    6. Wayne

      What is the difference between Obama and Romney? Are you really that blind?

    7. Robert Fletcher

      “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” ~ Albert Einstein

      I think we should keep electing puppets and expect things to get better. 100 years of the FED has gotten us here. So I think we should trust them to fix it!

    8. Brian

      Romney and Obama are one in the same. You need to wake up and realize that both parties are working towards the same goal, Big Government.
      Yes, this article is biased towards Ron Paul, but look at the mainstream media that won’t even say his name even with him is winning state after state and picking up delegates left and right. We support Ron Paul because we are not sheep looking to follow whatever the elite put in front of us.

  2. Lacey O'Rourke

    The GOP is nothing but a corrupt cesspool of stench right now. This new blood coming in is going to air it out and bring back the party that was originally intended before they started acting like Democrats.

    1. Paul Gould

      I hope your Right and I hope it starts in 2012 With Ron Paul see you all Down in Tampa Bay Florida this August .

  3. Jim Kress

    “Saul Anuzis lose his spot as Michigan Republican National Committeeman to Dave Agema.”

    Good. Another RINO eliminated!

  4. Jason

    I have to ask… Does anyone know how many of the 30 delegates are stealth? Meaning, they are not really Romney delegates. How many delegates did Ron Paul really get in Michigan? I’ll bet it’s more than 8.

  5. linda

    In 08 the Paul supporters split roughly 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 in the presidential election. A third voted for McCain, a third for Obama, and a third wrote in Ron Paul or another candidate. It’s looks like the same will happen this year if you believe the polls. Their natural home is in the Libertarian Party and once Paul leaves the scene they will no longer be interested in Republican Party politics. Afterall, their numbers are small in the scheme of things. Did Paul even break 20% anywhere? Even if you don’t buy the vote (which many of them don’t) it’s difficult to see how you can see Paul as popular within the party. Santorum had a shot at Romney….Paul never did. In the long term there will be no “takeover” of the party by Libertarians. I’m much more worried about the moderates putting their stamp on the party. Luckily we have a stable of young conservatives coming up through the ranks and I expect a conservative to be running next go-round. (and no…a libertarian although conservative on some issues….is NOT a conservative.

    1. J Vincent Burr Post author

      That’s interesting – how would you define a conservative? Was Bush a conservative? Is Romney? Some would argue that the only reason a candidate like Ron Paul could be having the impact he’s having on the Republican Party is because the party is no longer conservative.

      1. Denis Curran

        Mr. Burr, you’ve touched on the real source of the issue. If there were a viable conservative opposition in the Michigan Republican party, the Ron Paul people would not find empty slots to fill. Every time conservative principles are pointed out, they are given lip service at rallies and party functions, and then promptly sold out when it comes to which candidate to support. I’m not a Ron Paul supporter, but I voted with the C4L people at my caucus (11th) simply because the establishment had firmly clamped total control over the process, and the result was a foregone conclusion. If there was an active conservative opposition to the establishment people, I would have jumped at the chance to support them instead. No such thing exists, however – it’s been thoroughly rooted out of any positions in the power structure. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the result is a golden opportunity for the Paul supporters. Given the situation as it exists today, I’m fine with the Paul people taking over, if that’s the only way to break the establishment stranglehold.

    2. Jorge

      Conservative means small government. Period. If I want to use government to force everyone to live a moral life, guess what – that’s not conservative.

      “I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution … or have failed their purpose … or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is ‘needed’ before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should be attacked for neglecting my constituents’ ‘interests,’ I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty, and in that cause I am doing the very best I can.”

      ^^ This statement is as antithetical to Obama as it is to Romney (Romneycare) and Santorum (No Child Left Behind). The only candidate who approaches his job with the above mindset is Ron Paul.

    3. kenny,colorado delegate

      our home is the gop, the home for biggovgop is really the dnc.

    4. blah

      Yes he broke 20% but then you would have to actually know what you’re talking about to realize it.

    5. Daniel

      Yes he broke 20% in many states like 34.9% in Maine for example, 41% south Carolina, you need to do research before you go spouting off nonsense.

      And a moderate socialist from mass is a conservative.

      Fiscal conservative, socially liberal, shoving God down people’s throat doesn’t make you a conservative it makes you a fascist.

    6. Daniel

      Oh and Linda that young blood your talking about is Ron Paul supporters silly goose.

  6. Bob Marshall

    Those who chose to critize Obama for his failed policies and ignoring the Constitution in over sixteen instances need to remember that it was millions of ignorant voters that voted for him in 2008.As for Mitt Romney, he said in an Repbulican debate when asked what would he do about the fed answered,’ i am not going to take my effort and focus on the Fed. When asked about Ben Bernanke, he said,’Ben Bernanke is doing a good job and helped America avoid a real crisis. Obama like him so much he reappointed him to his post.Ben Bernanke said, we at the fed have been focusing intently on supporting jobs creation. How do making over $16 trillion in secret loan to foreign banks create jobs in America? Another comment from Ben Bernanke, “I think the concerns about the Fed are based on misconceptions.” Look at Romney Obama the Same? and The Ultimate Flip-lop Collection on youtube and tell me they aren’t similar when it comes to their policies. Both of these candidates are extremely fortunate that millions of Americans are incapable of crfitical thinking when it is most important for our country, our liberties and our personal freedom. I have come to realize that doing ones own research and reading books are beyond many American citizens capability today and for that both candidates should be thankful.

  7. joemaflage

    I won the 3rd slot in the 2nd District and look forward to booting Romney out of Tampa. Joe Jurecki Muskegon County MI

    1. Janice Grace

      2nd spot National Delegate, District 4 — Viva la Revolution!

  8. Paul Gould

    Rain Paul shame on you for baling out on your dad before August I am not .


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