Windsor Upset With Detroit Over “The Hum”

By | May 2, 2012

Windsor Hum not as annoying in DetroitFor the past couple of years now, Windsor residents have been plagued by a humming sound, nicknamed The Windsor Hum since they are the only ones that seem to be hearing it. Although there have been a few reports of people hearing it on the Detroit side of the border, those reports are few and far between. In Windsor however, it’s become a big deal.

The Canadian Government was forced to investigate the source of the sound due to the high number of complaints. They determined that the sound was coming from Zug Island, which is part of River Rouge. If you think Detroit is broke, River Rouge is in worse shape. To add insult to injury, the proposed repeal of the personal property tax would completely gut River Rouge of the revenue that they do have. Fixing “The Hum” to appease the Canadians is as low down on the list of priorities as it can get.

The Canadians sent Bob Dechert to Windsor on a fact finding mission to meet with Windsor mayor Eddie Francis and several local and federal officials in the US. They used state of the art instruments to determine that the sounds were definitely coming from Zug Island.

“And that makes it an international issue,” Dechert said. “I don’t want to overstate it, but something is happening that is affecting people on the Canadian side.”

It may be an international issue, but River Rouge is broke and has no plans of doing anything to further study, or fix the issue. Further complicating the issue is the fact that giant wind turbines just went up outside of Windsor two years ago, roughly the same time that people started complaining about The Hum. Zug Island might be a mess, but it’s been a mess for a lot longer than two years.

Whether The Hum is coming from the wind turbines in Windsor or the industrial facilities on Zug Island, it’s pretty clear that the issue is going to end up in the courts before it gets resolved.

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