There's a Food Truck That Hawks Legal Cannabis-Laced Edibles

By | May 16, 2014

pot food truckEvery now and then, a story comes
along that Reason can’t not cover.
This is one of those stories

In late April, a company called MagicalButter unveiled the
country’s first food truck specializing in pot-infused eats at
Denver’s Cannabis
. MagicalButter, based in Seattle, already sells a machine
of the same name that extracts nutrients and other chemicals from
herbs for use in food.

The truck, called The Samich, rolls with a mascot: a flying,
smiling stick of green butter. Yep.

On the Samich menu at the Cannabis Cup were peanut butter and
jelly, pulled pork and grilled cheese sandwiches along with tomato
soup. Each dish contained oil, butter or cheese infused with THC,
the mind-altering chemical in marijuana.

A fabulous gimmick, to be sure. But buried a bit farther down in
the story is a real legalization success story:

Cooking with cannabis can be a tricky feat because it’s easy to
overdo it, [MagicalButter CEO Garyn] Angel says.
MagicalButter’s chef controls for potency and dosage, making sure
that grilled cheese doesn’t deliver too much of a punch, he

“We have to work on [these things] to make sure no one has an
experience they’re uncomfortable with,” Angel says.

This is what happens when you legalize drugs. You wind up with
(a) super fun innovations like “magic” grilled cheese sandwich
trucks, but far more important (b) safer, saner, regularized
products. I’d much rather have the CEO of a legit company make the
call on how much THC should be in my PB&J than leave it up to
some gal with a little bit of culinary inspiration who bought her
weed from some guy in a bar. And now—in Colorado and Washington, at
least—you can.

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