The Atheist-Scientologist-Satanist Coalition

By | May 11, 2014

I understand tonight's prayer involves some sort of squash.This week the Supreme Court
ruled it constitutional for a government body to open a meeting
with a sectarian prayer. Coming up next: A grand coalition of
people with unpopular religious views protests the practice by
asking to be included in the prayer rotation. That’s what one
atheist activist wants to see happen, anyway, as the Religion News

David Silverman, president of American
Atheists…described a scenario that may raise eyebrows among some
atheists: working with religious groups to fight against the

“That’s what we have to do, not only organize the atheists, but the
Satanists, the Scientologists,” he said. In a conversation before
his talk, he added Muslims, Jews and Hindus. “We as atheists have
the responsibility to urge them and push them and get them in there
to get their prayers” said at public meetings.

In other words, something similar to those stunts where people
put (or threaten to put) statues of
or the Flying
Spaghetti Monster
alongside a more mainstream religious display
that’s been erected on public property.

Question for the
: Which arm of the government really ought
to begin its meetings with an invocation to Lucifer, just on
truth-in-advertising grounds? Don’t say “all of them”; pick out the
most deserving.

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